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Monday, August 10, 2015

Some "Houmasapiens" Are Fun!!

Though the past few days were spent dealing with FB rants and my general dismay at the stupidity of mob mentality, I am choosing to concentrate on the fun that I had with my new Houma friends.  It is a constant desire to concentrate on the positive, as it keeps me sane.  The major positive of this weekend was hanging out with some genuinely kind and wonderful people at a back to school bash.

Since we moved here last year, I've been meaning to try out a treat unique to Louisiana, the drive-thru daiquiri.  Yes anyone North of this area will immediately tilt their head with a bewildered and questioning look on their face.  In Louisiana, you can pick up booze in a styrofoam cup on your way home from work!

As I had never tried Daiquiris To Go and my friends found this amusing, they decided to "pop my cherry."  We had a sober driver take us on down to try it out.  As we waited in the drive-thru line (still shaking my head), one of my friends insisted on taking pictures with the Mardi Gras krewe that was enjoying their Saturday afternoon treat via bus.  This place truly never ceases to amaze me.

We decided to get the full experience and walk inside to see what was what.  Another krewe was inside partying.  I understand why people would want to drive thru too because you can apparently still smoke inside bars in Louisiana, P-U.  The "cherry" piece were cherry bombs that were sitting on the counter awaiting our arrival.  It was a vat full of cherries that had been soaked in Everclear.  We each (not the driver) did a cherry bomb and ordered our daquiris to go.  My drink (the smurf, with an extra shot) was tasty, if perhaps a bit sweet for me.

The only way you get to have your daquiris in your car is by having a straw taped on top of your cup.  Who are they fooling?  What is to stop someone from lifting the plastic lid on the styrofoam to indulge while driving?  Integrity?  It's hilarious!!

My friends had a good laugh at me because of my bewilderment at the whole experience.  In New York, if you have a bottle open in the trunk of your car and you get caught you're in trouble.  Louisiana sure is different.  These constant discoveries make me wonder if I'll ever get used to this place.  The people of Louisiana do love to have fun.

What I could get used to is being around people like my Houmasapiens.  They are fun people, these new friends of mine.  When we got back to the party, we kicked the kids off of the waterslide we'd rented and had a go ourselves.  My whole family had a blast and felt so welcome.

What makes any one of our moves bearable is the group humans that we find.  We got lucky when we found people that are kind and fun loving.  They tolerate our "foreignness"  with a  laugh as tour guides to help us discover our inner Louisiana.  I look forward to more adventures like these.

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