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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

It's been awhile!  For anyone who actually reads my little musings, I apologize for my absence.  My new venture (independent consultant for health and wellness)  took most of my time last week and well before that, I had nothing to write about.  Things are different today, though we remain in Houma.

Not too much changes in the bayou country, so we took a break and headed to Yellowstone National Park and Grand Tetons last month.  It was a mind blowing trip!  We loved every second and I thought I'd share a little of Yellowstone with you today.

RV road trips aren't the same as other road trips.  My husband is a beast driver and just keeps going because he can!  Seriously, I only drive 2 hours of the total.  We all know our geography right?  Montana is FAR!  We had books on CD though, so we felt very accomplished and well read by the time we arrived.

 The kids were very well behaved the entire way.  After our nights in the Walmart parking lots, we were thrilled to have a real campsite with electric and everything.  The first night was great because we stepped out of the Big Montana and heard the wolves howling.  We knew right away the trip was going to rock!

Our campground for the week was called Grizzly RV Park.  It's a nice park, if you ever get to visit.  They have a dog walk area and there are even folks available in town to help you with dog walks during the day if you're hiking all day like we did.

The first day was the geyser loop.  We did the museum and awaited Old Faithful's eruption.  It was so cool to be sitting there all together in such a historic and amazing spot.  We did the whole loop!  My husband and my son shared a special bonding moment when they witnessed the grand geyser and old faithful going off at the same time later in the day.  The rest of us missed it.  It's just as well because those father/ son moments are special.  Why do I have NO pictures of this in my cloud?  I know we took them!

We all did see animals though, which was most of the fun of this place!  My Uncle is adept at putting us in the right spot to find them.  We all sat still as our rental car became part of a herd of buffalo and another herd passed us out in a field.  The best sighting was our hike in the middle of nowhere on a tiny path that belonged to the buffalo.  We moved quickly out of his way.

My squared away man wrote all of the stats down on all of the hikes we did and it was around 30 miles for the whole week.  Needless to say, it wasn't the typical vacation where you gain a ton of weight and then feel bad afterward.  No, we actually lost weight!  Portable nutrition is a wonderful thing.

Though there are a few wonderful shots of our trip here, I may have to revisit this post and do a strictly photo add on.  If you have never made your way to Yellowstone, you should put it on your bucket list.  I wouldn't mind doing it twice.

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