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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

I Still Love New York

There's no doubt that I still have a great affinity for my native state.  Our recent trip merely solidified my love for all things New York.  Don't know why it took so long to post about it.  As I won't get to step foot in the Empire State for quite a long time, here's a recap of our trip and the reasons why it remains so dreamy.

Our first stop was to drop off my son at Boy Scout Camp in Trumansburg.  My brother, uncle, and their families live in this wonderful, little town.  We happened to arrive on the first day of the Grassroots Festival.  I've never actually attended, but it sure seemed fun.  There's tons of music, hippies, and festival fun at this annual event.  Maybe next year.....

We then drove to Saratoga Springs for a college girlfriend's wedding.  As if my husband and I alone in a hotel room for three days wasn't enough!  We got to be tourists on beautiful North Broadway and  then we got to reconnect with college friends.  Dinner, drinking, and dancing with my love and my college girls.  Watching my old roommate tie the knot made me quite teary.  It was a beautiful, happy weekend.

After dropping off the hubs for his return home, I returned to my hometown to hang with my parents for a few days.  My daughter and I got to hike in the woods that were consistently and lovingly explored as a child.  Her squeals of delight while playing in the waterfall above my house took me on a little nostalgic journey.  The love of hiking erupted out of those woods.  As a youth,  it was just my dog Ninja and I running our secret world out there.  Now my little girl was reliving my, little Narnia.

We ate our favorite New York foods (mostly pizza).  Thank goodness I'd brought shakes with us, so that I could feel great most of the trip. We met up with high school friends and I did a drum solo, for real I rocked out on drums.  We saw more family and had a huge bonfire.  My daughter got to play with cousins!  It was a massively fun time.  

Then I travelled back to Trumansburg for my kid's birthday and watched him flourish at camp.  I am grateful to my brother for taking him under his wing that week.  I am grateful for my Aunt and Uncle letting us borrow their car all week and for housing us for a few days.  I am grateful to my folks for hanging with my peanut while we were away and for housing us as well.  

Apparently whenever we make the trip we get a renewed sense of what we're missing with family and friends.  My kids are ready to move up there yesterday.   No biggie though because that's the life of a military wife.  We'll keep trucking and know how lucky we are in so many other ways.  We'll concentrate on cherishing the special times we do get with family.  Until next time.....

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