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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Yes, I Ate Rainbows For Breakfast

When you look back at a dark period of your life and you're in a profoundly happier place, you project a ring of light.  There is no turning back from facing the sun.  What do you do when this seems to cause an eye roll or two?

Oh the IDGAF should rule supreme when someone wonders about your elevated mood.  It is not drugs.  It is not stimulants.  It is not a secret.  Sharing joy is a lifestyle choice.  

Someone once asked me if I eat rainbows for breakfast.  Yes I am the Pollyanna.  Everyone has moments of sadness.  Everyone goes through troubles and worries.  Yet everyone can choose to live their life in the light.  Most don't and the eye rolls I'm guessing come from not knowing how.  Here's another list (yes I know, my favorite) of how to practice happiness every day.  

1.  Eat rainbows for breakfast.  Okay sorry for the snark.

2.  Choose the type of day you're going to have, just like my Grandpa used to say.

3.  Pay attention to the little things, they matter.

4.  Be grateful for everything you have.

5.  Make little changes to improve yourself every day.

6.  Celebrate the victories of those little changes.

7.  Stay away from negative people.  They will suck the joy right out of you.  I call them the fun suckers.

8.  Get a hobby that makes you smile.

9.  Find a creative outlet.

10.  Talk to your friends more often.

11.  Reconnect with your family and make it a priority.

12.  Reduce intake of stimulants, they are false joy.

13.  Take a walk, outside daily.  Even if it's nasty outside.  Fresh air does wonders.

14.  Think kind thoughts toward yourself.

15.  Think kind thoughts toward others, you don't know what they're battling.

16.  Set goals.  Reach goals.

17.  De-clutter because less is more.

18.  Give to your spouse and show them you love them.  Guaranteed they'll give back.

19.  Give to your kids.  They feel your attention more than they feel the toys and other junk they don't need.

20.  Smile at strangers.

21.  Drink a chocolate shake.  (Oh that's just me and #teamanchored).  

22.  Use my kid's mantra.  "This is the best day EVER."

23.  Read inspirational books.  Watch inspirational movies.  Look for inspiration everywhere.

24.  Remember that the only person you have control over is yourself.  Really the only thing about yourself that you can control is your behavior.  Choice makes the difference.

Thoughts frame your life.  If you take the time to eat some rainbows for breakfast and really appreciate what is around you, most days will turn out happy.  Some will not be, but if you work it the average day could truly be spectacular.  

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