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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Be More Like Aries

Writing about the loss of my teammate has been on my mind since he passed, I just couldn't find the right way to word it.  The memories swirl around my head in that nostalgic way you reflect on your friends you've left behind.   For a month, I selfishly kept wondering if he knew how much I admired him.  Now is the time to take that admiration and send it back out into the world in his honor.

His brave and beautiful widow has been sharing her grief.  I'm impressed by so many things in her words.  The thing that has struck me the most is the strength she has for their boys.  I'm positive that my friend would not have wanted her or their sons to be sad for any amount of time.  He loved them so much.  

The pain of his loss is always there, yet she gets up and is a rock for her family.  She faces her days with such dignity, and I see him in her strength.  His quiet pride will forever be reflected in the faces of his family.  

My memories of him are all pleasant.  They could serve as a guideline for a great way to approach life.  This is what I send out into the world.  I will forever try to be more like Aries, though he was one of a kind.

1.  When you're facing adversity, do it with dignity.  Use your swift feet to avoid contact and help your teammates by always supporting them.  Always make your passes count.

2.  If you are mad, leave it on the pitch.

3.  Always give others the opportunity to do their best.

4.  Take time to dance.

5.  Encourage your friends to sing, even if they aren't the greatest karaoke singers.

6.  Talk about your family and how much you care about them.  People are listening.

7.  Pick up the tab.

8.  Let your friends pick up the tab for you too.

9.  Try a guinness, or something new once in awhile.

10.  Be a great listener.

11.  Smile more than you frown.

12.  Use your spirit gently.

13.  Always, always tell your friends what you think of them, especially when you admire them.  

14.  Be reliable.

15.  Act like a brother.

16.  Be a moral compass.

I hope this happy list ( reflections of Aries) will bring his widow a smile.  Though he was taken far too soon, his inspiration will live on.  I'll certainly always make the effort to send it along and be reinspired by his friendship.

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