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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I'm Just Here To Motivate You

Wake up.  It's that time again.  

I know you dread the pain.  Just focus on the goal.  

Your shoes feel comfortable, your gear is laid out, and I am ready to count.  

Sure the cold air of the morning is rough.  It won't last long.  

Don't forget to stretch.  

Can you feel that warmth rising in your muscles?  I'm counting.  The sound of your kicks on that pavement is glorious.  So is the sound of your breath getting more labored.  The harder you breathe, the more I count.

No I am not the most glamorous accessory.  No I don't shine like that golden bracelet.  I will make you healthier though.  I will motivate you unlike those shiny things do.  

Healthy is the new sexy after all.  I'm counting on you.

Competition is good and it keeps you in touch with faraway friends.  Watch their numbers!  Try to meet them!  Cheer them because they feel they're having their steps counted too.

Don't eat that!  

I wish I could pinch you when you try to grab that vat of nutella.  Those chips need to go in the trash!  If you need something crunchy, grab a cucumber.

Another walk later perhaps?  You won't have to do those jumping jacks before you go to bed if you go take the dog out again.  Chase a kid, that's a ton of extra steps.  No TV until 8:00.  

Don't sit yet!  

I'm vibrating with pride!  

You did it!  

Now you can relax.  Let's concentrate on sleep now.  Get comfortable.  Calm your mind.  I'm proud of you.  

See you bright and early.  We get to do this all over again!  You know you love me.  I'm just here to motivate you.  


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