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Friday, March 13, 2015

Distance Is Nothing For True Friends

As people move and grow throughout their lives, they lose people they've become close to for a variety of reasons.  Being able to hold on to the friends who know every piece of you and still love you is a rare and wonderful gift.  When you are lucky enough to have these types of people in your life you should shout about it really loud!  After all, I could be eaten by a gator tomorrow and then nobody would know how much I love them.  Here are some reasons why the friendships with some beautiful people, family too have lasted.

My friends always tell me the truth, whether I like it or not.

My friends laugh at the same ridiculous crap that I do.

My friends are fans and cheerleaders.

My friends love my kids and I love theirs.

My friends would take me in if there was a need.

My friends would come and rescue me and even bail me out of jail, though they've never had to.

My friends know the old embarrassing stories.

My friends check to make sure I'm okay.

My friends already know if something is wrong because they could feel it before I said it.

My friends always have my back.

My friends don't judge me.

My friends families are like an extension of my family.

My friends have held my hair back (you know what I mean).

My friends wouldn't care if they saw me tipsy again.

My friends have danced with me and will dance with me again.

My friends take the time to listen.

My friends know that I adore and cherish them.

My friends share my memories, as if they were their own.

My friends are the best people to watch other people with.

My friends have seen me grieve.

My friends have shared my success.

My friends have had me to hold their hand in the worst of situations.

My friends are missed every, single day.

My friends will ALWAYS be my friends there is no doubt.

My friends make being far away, a small thing.

My friends help me make big decisions.

My friends inspire me.

My friends don't take any crap from anyone.

My friends tease me so that I know they love me.

My friends have surprised me.

My friends are beautiful.

My friends would be invited to my imaginary private island to live.

My friends could tell stories that would make you spit out your drink.

My friends may or may not have shared clothing with me, though they've all been in my closet.

My friends have slept in the same bed with me.

My friends embrace my other friends because more love is better.

My friends don't do drama.

My friends are strong.

My friends help other people.

My friends are exceptional people in that they know what friendship means.

It is possible for me to continue this list until the end of time.  The people who have supported me throughout my life remain and this makes me a blessed individual.  It isn't important that we don't live in the same towns.  Distance is nothing when friendship is for life.

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