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Monday, September 15, 2014

Mindful Backyard Nature

On Facebook there is a page dedicated to the memory of Daniel Barden.  This little boy was one of the victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy.  The page encourages others to be more like Daniel was and ask the question, "What would Daniel do?"  This week, they have challenged their followers to a mindfulness challenge, which I glady accepted.

Mindfulness is the "intentional, accepting, and non-judgmental focus of one's attention on the emotions, thoughts, and sensations occurring in the present moment."  Being present is necessary for happiness and true fulfillment in your life.  While doing my daily routine of educating my children, I went outside to gather materials for the dissection of a flower (first time for everything, I suppose).  In the moment, I noticed some things and wanted to share them here.

While my kids took a snack break, I took my sweet pup outside for a little ball action, (his favorite thing).  When you open the door to our backyard it seems like everything is moving.  Lizards and bugs scurry in every direction!  The flowers that bloom back there blow softly with a gentle Southern breeze, showing how alive this little space truly is.

I quickly grabbed my camera, so I could capture the moment.  Maybe I missed the point that I was supposed to calm my mind and not be distracted, but this is the type of daily moment that we each should have with nature.  This version is just my personal moment because of my location.  My smile widened and more nature came into focus because I was paying attention.

Thank you for waking me up #WWDD to the nature right in my own back yard.  I'm excited to see what tomorrow's mindfulness will bring.  For any of you who has not visited and liked this page, you should.  It is incredible inspiration born of horrifying tragedy.

Here's the nature I enjoyed today.  Be sure to go out and find something to enjoy in the moment today.  Open up and forget distractions.  Life is too precious to ignore.

We call him Lester.


Master of the yard

Please note the Lovebugs loving my flowers

Can you find my bumblebee?

Got tired of chasing the bumblebee

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