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Monday, September 15, 2014

Craft Explosion

Pinterest was being avoided for the longest time.  This avoidance was an effort to curb my social media appetite.  Well, now I've fallen off the wagon and am utterly hooked on new recipes, quotes, camping hacks, and DIY projects to amuse my bored self.  Thanks Pinterest!

Some weekends can be torturously boring.  In an effort to amuse not only myself, but my screen addicted off spring, Pinterest came to the rescue along with Michael's crafts.  Everyone in my friends and family circle should be expecting Christmas gifts that are homemade.  They may or may not be spectacular.

For now here's what we did to amuse ourselves.....

As a parent, you get to relive your childhood.  These bracelets were my fave when I was a kid!  So, now my kids are learning embroidery bracelet fun.  We'll make one for every season.  It keeps your fingers busy!

Little girls like Pinterest too, apparently.  My sweet one wanted to make these little bugs and had a fine time creating them, no screen included.  We even sent one on as a gift.  What fun a rock and a little paint can be.

We have family meetings from time to time.  I made a chalk paint lovebug for the speaker to hold during these meetings.  You can chalk something nice for the next family member to read when they next have the floor.  This one was actually my idea;)

I also went a little chalk paint crazy and made a "trip pennies" jar.  We are looking forward to a vacation at some point and are saving our pennies!!  This was originally going to be a kindness jar, which it may still be in the future.  This one was my idea too.  Chalk paint is great!

I have a sewing machine on my wish list.  Though I don't yet know how to use one.  There's plenty of time to learn & plenty of ideas to try out.  It's going to be fun, I can feel it.

Maybe Pinterest isn't the time suck I thought it would be.  Maybe I'll continue to make use of the plethora of ideas!  Maybe I'll become a craft dynamo like my Mom and my Aunts and Uncles!!  Whether or not success follows, the boredom will not win; we win.

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