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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Joyful Day

Per my last post, I am continuing with my #mindfulness challenge this week.  Feeling absolute joy has been a scarce occurrence around here since our move.  The dark clouds are finally beginning to lift and my usual upbeat self is returning.  Hallelujah to the joy!

As you might have read, we have been battling with the aftermath of my daughter's broken leg since April.  Yesterday, after yet another trip into New Orleans, we received a doctor's note allowing my girl to return to full gymnastics participation.  She is now allowed to be a running, jumping, dancing, and happy little girl!!

My car couldn't drive her home fast enough for her to reach her practice.  We actually made it on time, and she was a new girl when she entered her gym.  No longer sitting on the sidelines, while the rest of her teammates enjoyed their time in gymnastics flight, her face showed the joy she was feeling.  That joy spread to me watching over her in the parents' viewing area.

Down on that floor, my daughter was running!  A tsunami sized wave of relief and a moment of absolute joy swept over me.  My smile widened and tears came to my eyes.  She looked up into the viewing area and spotted me with a giant grin and a "thumbs up".  In that moment we understood each other completely.  She was finally feeling safe to move and to be herself.

Then in the next moment, an email came in with the results of my son's first homeschool unit test.  I knew he'd been working hard because his teacher (me) is a major oppressor.  His online teacher agreed that he was working hard and was thrilled with his results.  More joy came rushing in!

This homeschool thing felt like a roll of the dice in the beginning stages.  Everything seemed overwhelming and unknown.  Would the kids like it?  Could I teach it?  Was my sanity in jeopardy?  Those are all valid questions that now have very positive answers.  The kids are happily learning.  I am finding knowledge that was buried in my brain.  Nobody needs to drop me off at the looney bin just yet.  Hear the joyful noise!

Then a phone call came in from my college bestie.  We hadn't spoken in a long time and it felt wonderful to reconnect and catch up.  Knowing that she is happy makes me happy.  Another rush of joy came my way.  While I miss her and wish we were in the same zip code, I couldn't help feeling that just hearing her voice was enough to push those recently looming dark clouds farther away.

At home, a beautifully decorated box was awaiting our arrival.  My wonderful Aunt had shared with our homeschool, an exciting collection of Star Wars treasures she had cleaned out of her garage.  The kids and my dog were so excited that I could hardly contain them.  Even my husband shared the joy and jokingly fought over some of the loot.  These thoughtful things will be displayed proudly in our Dagobah room.  It was another extension of my moments of joy. 

Being mindful may not always mean something positive.  It has been positive for me though in the past few days and I am grateful to be feeling the relaxed and happy moments in my life.  Perhaps it is appreciation for these moments and allowing them to fill you up that makes the difference.  It feels like you can breathe these moments in when you really are mindful of them.  Somehow recognizing moments slows things down and makes everything seem more peaceful, just as meditation does.  This mindfulness is likely going to become a daily routine, instead of just a weekly challenge.  Cheers to enjoying your life.  

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