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Friday, June 6, 2014

The World Cup Is Better Than Christmas

Since this week is ALL about waiting for next week, I had to share a little more anticipation with you.  On June 12th the greatest athletes in the world will begin their battles in Brazil.  That's right folks FIFA World Cup 2014 is here and it is more exciting than Christmas!

Soccer tops my list of sports that I love.  Yes it is even better than watching my beloved Yankees.  The synchronicity of soccer Gods floating along a well maintained pitch is an absolute thing of beauty.  There is nothing on television better to watch than soccer and this is just during regular season play.

Then World Cup year comes along.  The hope for America to have a chance is strong, despite the group of death.  Following the team's development and Klinsmann's approach has seemed like a full-time job.  The roster is released and although some of my favorites didn't make the cut (ie: Eddie Johnson and Brad Evans), I'm ready to give this team my support along with the other millions in Sam's Army.

We know the chants!
  We know the plan!
      We are ready even though we may not be able to sit still.
           We believe!

So why you ask?  Why the obsession and giddy anticipation of a "game"?  To anyone who loves this beautiful game, it is not too hard to explain.  Everything about this is exciting!  Every play, every goal, every card thrown, every dive, every injury, every mistake, every save....everything makes a difference in the result.  Every game matters!


This level of play is passion personified.  Futures are decided and career long dreams can be ended or realized.  These gladiators have put their heart and souls into getting the chance to represent their countries.  Now they're on their way and the world is watching.  Children with dreams of their own are soaking up every minute of this along with some adults who occasionally act like children (yeah me yippy)!!

The only remaining fear is that Brazil is unprepared for what is descending on it's streets.  The venue would be the only problem because we all know that their team won't be scared to face the world.  Their style of play almost looks like dancing and they are always tough.  Let us hope that all spectators stay safe and can enjoy this spectacle without incident.  June 12th is a National Holiday in Brazil by the way, it's Lover's Day (like St.Valentine's Day).  I am in love with the fact that we get to love soccer on this day too!

The butterflies are growing in my eager stomach just thinking about the first game.  So even if you aren't a soccer fan like I am; you should tune in on June 16th to watch your country battle in it's first World Cup 2014 match against Ghana.  If you want to understand more about the passion for this fantastic month of the best sport on the planet, start with the opening game on June 12th.  Brazil plays Croatia and I promise you will not be disappointed.  On Dia Dos Nomorados, maybe you'll fall in love with the World Cup too.

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