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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

An Officer And A Gentleman

My anniversary is a little less than a week away.  I get excited thinking back and remembering the special day I married my officer and my gentleman.  Reflecting on how truly dreamy I still think he is, I started wondering if other wives feel the same way about their spouses.  So in an effort to spread the love....I've compiled a list of things a husband should do to put themselves on the same playing field with my leading man.  Most men cannot possibly compare, but then again I am biased.

1.  Grab her ass and make her feel sexy.  Yes I am not kidding.  Sure she might be your "baby mama".  Before she was, she was a desirable specimen of the female variety.  Show her that she still is!  Trust me she'll respond.

2.  Do some housework.  Be aware that the house can't run on woman power alone and in my opinion, it shouldn't have to.  Sharing a home means sharing the responsibilities of running that home.  To most women her man pushing a vacuum cleaner looks like an Abercrombie model doing push-ups.  Plus if you have a daughter, there's a new study out that says that it will help her to aspire to more things in her future.

3.  Respect the PMS.  Be smart guys.  It comes every month.  Track it and know that a slight shift in mood happens a week before the lovely event.  BE THERE FOR HER!  For many ladies it can truly feel like you're losing your mind and a little support goes a long way.

4.  Raise your children with her.  TEAM effort here people.  Children are hard work and though your roles may not be exactly the same with the kids, a solid role model will raise better people.  To me, there's nothing uglier than disrespectful kids.

5.  Don't drink too much, but sharing a drink during a soccer match with your wife can be super fun.  During the last world cup my husband and I actually played a hilarious drinking game and had a great time, just the two of us.

6.  Make her laugh.

7. " An unexpected gift at an unexpected time is the key to a woman's heart." -from Finding Forrester

8.  Let her vent without trying to fix the problem she's venting about.

9.  Stay in shape.  You'll get more action if you look the part gentlemen.

10.  Be supportive of her dreams as well as receiving support for your own.

11.  Date nights should be something you look forward to.  Enjoy planning something once in awhile and set up the babysitter!  The thoughtfulness is the most important part here.  Shoot you could go to Arby's as long as she didn't have to plan it!

12.  Trust her and expect the same trust in return and never, ever falter on it.

13.  When you're out with her, lead her into a room with your hand on the small of her back.

14.  When you're at a party and you see her across the room, catch her eye and you'll give her the vapors.

15.  Kiss her while holding on to her face.

16.  Show her who you find attractive and let her share with you who she finds attractive.  My Grandmother always said that it doesn't matter where you get your appetite, as long as you eat at home.

17.  Compliment her on her personality and her looks because real beauty is a combination of both.

18.  Replay your wedding video on your anniversary.

19.  Call her out in a respectful way when she's being a bitch.

20.  Play games together and always, always watch sports together.

I'm amazed at how quickly 20 reasons why my husband is the greatest man I could have ever hoped to be linked to popped in my mind.  Certainly the list could continue.  He is without a doubt one of the greatest men I have ever known.  What really makes me laugh though is the simplicity of the list.

If your woman is not satisfied with the things on this list, please send her to me for a proper smack down.  No woman should need diamonds and expensive gifts to make her feel loved.  A marriage is a gift in itself, if you are doing it right.

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