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Monday, June 2, 2014

June Just Happened?!

May was an absolute blur!  With all of the fun we have going on, it's easy to get off track.  I was so off track since I stopped playing soccer that I've developed some areas that are as "fluffy" as cotton candy and not nearly as sweet.  So now June happened!  Whoops, now it's crunch time, literally!

So if you aren't already a part of it, you should jump on this band wagon quickly.  There's a fabulous 30 day ab challenge challenge created by Robyn Mendenhall Gardner on Facebook.  Eight of my FB friends have already joined and I like the idea of having partners in fitness.  It is so easy to get off track!

When I gave up sugar for Lent it was me, just me being scared of the Rougarou keeping me on track.  Fitness is a long-term investment that you can easily lose sight of when you're moving.  There are a million excuses and none of them shrink the parts that need to shrink.  So now that it's swimsuit season, I have to work a little harder to get in the correct mode.  Thankfully I'm not alone here, so the motivation will be easier.

The only problem here is that some parts of fitness suck.  Here's a fun, little list of things that don't help me stay motivated,  along with a list of things that do.

10 Things About Fitness That Suck
1.  Dislocating your shoulder blades to get in and out of a sports bra.
2.  Fighting with your inner devil telling you that you don't need to work out.
3.  Realizing how many calories you have to burn in order to enjoy food.
4.  Feeling your age in your joints after a run.
5.  Moist, sweaty clothing.  Gross.
6.  Realizing there is always someone faster and more dedicated than you are.
7.  It will NEVER end!  Your problem areas, will always be your problem areas.
8.  Not every work out can be a hike.
9.  Understanding that my pre-baby body is unattainable.  My hips are just wider!
10.  Beer is fitness kryptonite.

10 Things That Make Fitness Worth It
1.  You just flat-out feel better when you do it.
2.  You don't pour over the top of your jeans.
3.  You will likely live longer.
4.  There is a comradery with all types of fitness.
5.  Sexier just makes good sense.
6.  Fitness clothes are comfortable, with the exception of the bras.
7.  More energy makes life more fun.
8.  Once you get on a schedule, it gets easier.
9.  Dedication in fitness leads to dedication in other areas.
10.  Fit parents means fit kids.

So there are my lists.  The good obviously outweighs the bad.  So on that note, it's day 2 of the challenge.  A quick 30 minute run and the calendar of crunches here I come!  Sorry I'm not bold enough to share before and after pics.  This isn't the biggest loser afterall.

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