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Friday, June 20, 2014

The Line Between Hippy and Hipster

Everyone in this world is searching for something.  Some want money.  Some want fame.  Some want family.  Some want inner peace.  Some want world peace.  Some want to be left alone.  Some want it all.  Almost all of us wants happiness and we all need human connections.

The difference in most people is the type of human connection that we think we need.  One of my Upstate friends was brought up in a family that is somewhat "hippy-like".  This is in no way a criticism.  These people are sweet, loving, and peaceful.  They do yoga.  They teach their children to be respectful and kind.  Family is central.  They don't eat meat.  They hike.  They like Jack Johnson and Dave Matthews Band.  They are beautiful.  They hate being called hippies.

I have some city friends who are more "hipster-like".  This is also not a criticism.  They are very technology driven.  They are ambitious.  They are active in their community, trying desperately to make a difference.  They run marathons.  They eat healthy, but enjoy a burger once in awhile.  They are cutting edge.  They know things that most non-tech bozos like me wouldn't even know how to look up.  They like digitally enhanced music.  They wear tight pants.  They hate being called hipsters.  They are beautiful.

So what is the difference in human connections?  Nobody is just one thing.  We all unknowingly define ourselves and place ourselves into recognizable categories.  It is safer and more comfortable to connect with people who share similar interests and beliefs.  We identify with mirrored versions of ourselves, even if it is a bit narcissistic.  The problem here is that if you are honest with yourself, you will fit into all categories.  We are all beautiful.  We can all appreciate positive traits in others when we get out of our own way.  Human connection means letting go of what you feel and trying to understand the motivation of others.  This is not to say you are bowing to the will of others.  This is simply allowing kindness to rule.  If the world was wiped clean from brands and media focus, what could we become? 

Perhaps we can all connect on a very common thread.  We can connect on what we are ANTI and finally agree.  We are ANTI hate.  We are ANTI lies.  We are ANTI cruelty.  We are ANTI pollution.  We are ANTI pain.  We are ANTI stupidity.  If you cannot connect with another human who is ANTI these things, we may have bigger problems as a society.

There is no line between hippy and hipster.  These people simply have different interests.  Maybe the world could be a little better if the lines between different types of people were erased.  There is no more level playing field than one in which we have open minds and don't allow emotion to rule our decisions.  This is truly the common thread we all need to find.  If we all can release weighted emotion and shift that weight into active listening and kindness, we could all make this world a better place.

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