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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Midnight Wig Out

It's here.  Our movers' arrival is imminent.  My toosh should be snoring on my tempurpedic, as I'll surely miss it over the next couple of weeks.  Instead I'm awake like my kids on Christmas morning, though I'm not sure it is glee gluing my eyelids open.

Is it fear?  Is it stress?  Is it excitement?  I suppose it could be the elephant sized cup of coffee I ingested to help me reach my prepping goal.  Regardless, here I sit while you all snooze the night away.

The truth is I'm reflecting on my accidentally planted Virginia roots.  This place and our many wonderful friends and neighbors will live in my heart forever as an unexpected love.  No I won't miss Route 50, but we will absolutely miss those of you who will continue to suffer on it.

Our beautiful home has housed the growth of cherished friendships and forever embedded memories.  Whether we expected it or not, we shared our lives with so many wonderful people here.  The ebb and flow of daily suburban life has turned into my brain's Virginia highlight reel.  My kids turned into real people here.  It isn't an expected part of a military life to get attached, but oops we did.

Thank you to everyone who showed us the kindness that the best neighborhoods are born of.  I remember leaving Hawaii just knowing I'd never be able to replicate the feeling of friendships that were more like family.  Instead our family just swelled with the addition of excellent and true connections.  How lucky we are to have you all.  Gratitude needs to be a bigger word.

So as my "treasures" get packed up by sweaty moving men in the coming hours, know that you all will leave with us.  My memory is long and sweet.  I am realistic that we won't all stay in touch, but please know that we were truly touched by the hearts of so many during our stay.  Virginia is for lovers eh?  You people gave that slogan a brand new meaning.  

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