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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Blank Walls And Soccer Balls

Who takes a camping vacation right before a gigantic move?  This lady does!  The family needed a little R&R.  So amidst the craziness that is our life right now, we camped at Gettysburg for a few days.  Some of my family joined us and it was a treat, as I am certain that we won't be seeing my people for a bit.  

We did this trip last year, so the kids were not as excited about the museum as the big boys were.  Though I think that they enjoyed the movie and cyclorama part a little more with my Uncle pointing out the soldier with the severed head.  Needless to say we didn't notice that one last year.  We hiked Pickett's Charge trying to feel what it must have been like 151 years ago, charging through that field toward the Union lines.  My Uncle has good ideas sometimes.  My Mom is the best for keeping the kiddos, so my husband and I could make the charge with no whining or snack requests.  

Camping during World Cup is maybe not the easiest way to enjoy my favorite sporting event, but we figured it out.  Luckily my Aunt's phone streamed live coverage of some games.  We were not going to miss the USA, so we found a sports bar in the center of town and thoroughly enjoyed cheering our boys to victory, while drinking a Victory beer.  I may be superstitious, but I think that a Victory beer may have to be in my hand on Sunday as well.  

My kids had fun with their cousins who showed up on a whim.  We are lucky to have a family who cares so much about each other that they would travel a few hours to spend a mere few hours with us.  Louisiana is so far, but maybe we'll have some visitors from time to time, I hope.....

So as the ghost stories ended and my dog was thoroughly and disgustingly dirty; we headed home to start on the moving checklist that had rolled around our brains each night under the stars.  We really did try to relax, even if it did take us a couple of extra beers to get us there.  Ooops, time to jump back on the fitness bandwagon!  My big regret is that I got no pics of my mother save the legs under the dog.

Now we're in the heat of the move.  We are under a week from leaving this house.  Soon we will live like gypsies.  The kids are staring at the blank walls with nervous trepidation, as I continue to stare at the soccer balls until my TV is packed away.  It isn't wrong to choose a hotel along the way based on it's inclusion of ESPN or its close proximity to a sports bar is it?   

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