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Thursday, April 3, 2014

32 Things That Make Me Happy

Thanks to my gorgeous cousin Erin over at Two Thirds Hazel, I've put my "happy ambassador" hat back on and am joining in some happy fun.  She's challenged everyone to jot down 32 things that make you happy.  I'm wondering why the arbitrary number 32, but can join in just the same!  Bring on the happy fun and kudos to Erin for thinking of such a grand idea.

1.  My love, my partner in life, my boyfriend, my ball and chain; he has many labels, but they all mean the same.  I fell for him so long ago that I cannot imagine what life would be without him.  He is cheese to my macaroni.

2.  My children.  They make me smile each and every day for too many different reasons to list.

3.  My health.

4.  Friends near and far, they have blessed me year after year by being a part of my crazy world.

5.  Sunshine.  I have a mix of songs with the word in it because just hearing the word can make you smile.  All songs with the word sunshine are awesome.

6.  Hiking to mountain tops.  Spring is bringing my favorite exercise closer and closer.

7.  Camping Adventures.  There are so many on the horizon that I can't wait to embark on.

8.  Music.  Found a Billy Joel channel on XM and I cannot make myself turn the station.  Next week some other artist will be my favorite, but right now I am back on the Billy smack.  It's on for a limited time only so I must enjoy for as long as I can.

9.  The unconditional love from my dog.

10.  Phone calls from my parents and my brother.  They are not close enough, so phone calls is all we've got at the moment.

11.  Writing.  Doesn't matter where I am because there is inspiration everywhere.

12.  Reading.  There are currently three books on my night stand and I'm not sure which I want to read tonight.  I'm going to miss my book club.

13.  Sports movies.  I cry with happiness at every victory.  Rudy is my all time favorite, but the Mighty Ducks even gets me a little misty.  For some reason triumph over adversity brings me great joy.

14.  Sports in general.  Watching, playing, rooting, the stories behind the athletes.  It's all good stuff.

15.  Nights out with my dudes and nights out with my girls.  Tonight they will converge.

16.  Good, healthy meals that don't add unwanted pounds.

17.  Dancing.  I had to hold myself back from rocking out to Donna Summer in Home Depot today.  True story.  My best dancing partners weren't there.

18.  Hearing babies laugh makes you laugh with them, happy is built in.

19.  Pride in my extended family.
20.  Getting home early because traffic is light.

21.  Growing flowers, though my husband jokes that my thumb is black.

22.  Having the laundry basket be empty.

23.  Friday night, movie night with the family.

24.  Traditions that were passed down to me that I pass to my children.  Somehow it feels like our family will just keep on extending into infinity if we keep enjoying the same traditions.

25.  Learning from the elderly.  This is a lifelong happiness.

26.  Live concerts.  

27.  Visiting with family or friends I haven't seen in awhile.

28.  The smell of freshly cut grass.

29.  Seeing my kids have pride in themselves.

30.  Wearing dresses.

31.  Catching someone off guard by paying them a genuine compliment.

32.  My Frye boots.

I could keep going and going, but 32 is today's limit.  Can you list 32 things that make you happy?

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