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Friday, April 4, 2014

Inside I Am Not A Hobbit

My Instagram has no selfies.  Most of the time I don't like seeing pictures of myself at all, unless they are old pictures bringing great memories flooding back into consciousness.  It's not because I lack confidence or don't feel beautiful.  I think it's because pictures shatter my inner illusion that I am as exotic and beautiful as Eva Mendes.
Aging is a gift too many people have stolen from them too early.  I seriously look forward to white hair and crazy, mismatching outfits down the road.  Until then, I stroll breezily through my world looking at it with eyes that don't see that I am more hobbit size, than Eva Mendes size.  I walk with swagger because my inner Eva has swagger.  My radiant inner self feels like Eva, so why do I need to take a selfie?  I don't and I won't.  
Eva seems funny and I am funny.  Eva seems kind and I am kind.  Eva has been described as a good hugger and I am a good hugger.  Eva loves dogs and I love dogs.  Eva seems humble and I am humble.  Eva encourages people to go to therapy and I, well I have a degree in psychology?...We are practically the same person!  Obviously I am kidding.  My point is that the value I place on this outwardly gorgeous woman is the beauty of what her personality seems to be.  It is the same value I place on my inner radiance.  In a world obsessed with image, isn't this what we all should be doing?  Although I will never look like this, I can feel like this...
Jennifer Lawrence is beautiful and I love her for her consistent honesty, not because of her appearance, that and her incredible talent.  Ellen Degeneres is lovely and I love her because she is hysterical and seems to have a genuinely kind heart.  Katy Perry is stunning and I love her for her writing of inspirational music heard by a new generation of little women.  Queen Latifah is radiant and I love her because she is so confident. These are people in the public eye who stand out to me, along with Eva "the Goddess" Mendes.  Clearly, I don't know them personally so these observations are self-fulfilling, but I doubt they'd be offended by my unverifiable assumptions.

Each of us should feel beautiful.  We all should feel absolutely radiant if we are honest, humble, funny, confident, kind, good huggers!  Personality and character make people more beautiful than Lancôme and Clinique put together.  So stroll out into your world with your inner radiance beaming!  You never know, you could just be someone else's Eva.

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