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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Poem for a FRIEND

You know me my friend, better than most others. 
We've shared laughter, we've shared pain and squawked about our mothers.

I've knocked on your door, you've knocked on mine.
Doors would open and we knew our fun would intertwine.

You never made me feel bad, in fact you brought me cheer.
We'd look into the future of things we would steer clear.

I search for you on Facebook, knowing you're not there.
But later on, as my phone would ring, I'd think we are a pair.

Pride is what I feel for you, friendship unlike the rest.
Memories of you, funny and true.  You certainly are the best.

Now my parents are making me move, I don't have a say.
My Dad serves our country my friend, so I won't selfishly ask to stay.

Carry me with you in your heart dear friend, wherever you may go.
For you are and always will be the best friend I could know.

-For my children and the friends we leave behind-

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