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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Advice To 19 Year Old Me

Looking back is typically pointless, unless there is some way it can change today's perspective.  Reflecting on my 19 year old self may help me with what's happening in my life today.  Though I was not a train wreck, I maybe would have made some different choices.  Certainly, I would have lost some of those weird outfits. There are some pieces of advice I would have heeded had I known then what I know now.

1.  Be Patient
You have great grades.  You have a great work ethic.  There are things in your life that will be spectacular in your mid 30s.  Wait for those instead of learning from mistakes.

2.  Involve yourself more
College is incredible fun, obviously. Soccer could be fun though.  Dancing is great, but why not do both?  Kicking more behind in racquetball at intramurals would rock too.  Don't get lazy.  Maybe take advantage of opportunities abroad.

3.  Run a marathon
You have all of the energy and much less responsibility.  Plus it will bring you focus.

4.  Put down the pint glass and pick up a guitar. 
I'm all for pint glasses, but a little less will mean a whole lot more to your 30's body.  If you start playing now, you won't sound like a bumbling goofball later.

5.  See more live bands
You're doing the best you can on your budget, but more is more.

6.  Snowboard
Yes you are broke, but you should start while the mountains are close.  You have plenty of time to study.

7.  Hang out in more cemetaries reading Jim Morrison poetry
Add Walt Whitman and EE Cummings to your reading list though.  Weird memories can be some of the best ones.

8.  Read and write more
What you're learning with your psych. degree will help you for the rest of your life.  Poetry's great, but harnassing some of that 19 year old whimsy would be cool!  Maybe take more literature classes to bulk the reading, as if psych. reading isn't enough.

9.  Hike even more
This is where the love started.  Again more is more.  You could own the Adirondacks if you wanted!

10.  Learn how to cook.
Everyone should know at an earlier age how to make delicious, healthy meals.

Yes I was right.  Reflecting can give insight into what we should be doing today.  Patience is a virtue, I tend to lack.  Working on it will help me calm down.  When we move, I will involve myself in as much volunteering as I can.  There won't be a marathon, but more 5ks are "doable".  My pint glass is more empty than it ever was and I need to continue picking up my guitar.  Live music and cemetaries could potentially be my life when we move.  I will not be snowboarding in Louisiana.  Oh well, maybe we can afford a trip to Utah.  Reading and writing check.  Hiking, check.  Cooking, check.  I wonder what my 50 year old self will say to me.

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