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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Breaking My Snow Shovel in Half

I am not alone in being completely fed up with winter.  Virginia should not be this ridiculously cold in March!  I'm always happier when I have fun winking at me in the distant future.   I thought I'd "spring ahead" with my thoughts and highlight what I am most looking forward to as the weather improves.

1.  I am literally going to break my snow shovel in half.  Allright maybe I won't get that dramatic, but if I sell it at my moving sale I may throw a little party as it walks away.  There could be a party anyway if we can get rid of half of what is currently plaguing my basement.

2.  Pedicures and flip-flops to go along with skirts and dresses are about to reappear.  Spring wardrobes are fun and pastels are apparently in, woot woot!  Let's just hope I can get a little bit of sun on my Eddie Munster white legs so I don't blind anyone!

3.  Flowers and the scents of spring.  I'm tired of the ground being brown, so a little green will go a long way.  I've been following a Louisiana blog called Louisiana Blooms and I am thrilled to see the variety of pretty things blooming already down south.  Soon enough we'll have blooms here too.

4.  Family bike rides!  Enough said.  

5.  No more sand.  My vacuum is getting a workout from the beach that is on my floors each day.  Enough!  I had less sand on my floors when we lived in Hawaii!

6.  Grilling.  My kids' favorite meal is honey-lemon grilled chicken.  I haven't made it because it's been too cold to grill it! 

7.  Long dog walks.  We've satisfied my Corgi's need to move by playing ball in the basement, but I suspect he's no longer fooled.  Smelling the spring air as I and my belly dragger dog stroll the neighborhood, hopefully with friends, will be a spring happy place.

8.  Baseball oh yeah baby, it's coming!  Let's see what you've got Tanaka.

9.  Finding my new home.  We're making our list of houses we would like to see.  Hopefully one of them is our "unicorn".  One month and we could be saying, "bonjour a la maison de Miller a la Louisiana".  I have surely butchered that translation.  It's supposed to say hello Miller home in Louisiana with a sweet, little French accent.  Boy do I have some language to learn!

10. Camping and hiking!! We already have one camping trip booked for Memorial Day weekend. It isn't a National Park, but Gilbert Lake State Park in Upstate New York will be fun too. This is especially true if I get to see some people. It's probably our last trip north before our big trip south.

That's my top 10 things to look forward to in Spring.  A little bonus #11 is checking off those things from my NOVA bucket list.  During the kids Spring Break, we are "stay-cationing" and knocking them off the list.  Now if Mother Nature will get in a better mood we can all enjoy the upcoming fun of the spring season. 

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