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Friday, January 22, 2016

Hiatus Apologies & Our NOLA Bucket List

I apologize for the hiatus.  Been busy with a new lifestyle adventure and helping people get healthy, which has been inspirational and fun!  In this new year though, a resolution was made to post at least once per week and I've already failed at it for half the month.  This doesn't mean that it's time to throw in the towel; it means it's time to get busy managing my time a little better.

This tour is flying by!  The bayou has embraced us and we've all made some new friends and have new favorite things about the area.  We're focusing less on what we've been missing and more about what we need to see while we're still here.  Living a life of gratitude makes every day better!

That being said, we are developing our NOLA bucket list.  Before our time drifts past too quickly, as we're constantly moving with our buzzing busy bee lives, we need to make time to do things that we can only do in the land of jazz and gators.  It's never cool leaving a billet when you haven't seen what you should before you move away.  I have a list of regrets from previous spots and that's not going to happen here.

The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival has a line up that makes me want to pitch a tent on the grounds and just stay there all week!  I don't think I've been this excited for a music festival since Lallapalooza '92 (oops aging myself a bit there).  This year is our year for sure!  We'll likely take the RV on down to New Orleans and have a local spot to chill while we move in and out of the venue.  My kids' minds are going to be blown!  Hopefully they won't inhale anything wafting through the air.

Everyone talks about their tours through the crypts.  We haven't done ours yet, so we're searching out the best scary stuff we can get!  The kids will complain at first.  Thank goodness we're so good at pushing them past their comfort zones. 

We've seen the World War II museum once.  It was so enjoyable, that we need to see it twice!  We are still hoping that we'll be indulged with some more visitors, so we have a good excuse to go back and do it all again. 

John and I have never spent a night out on the town in NOLA.  We're not big drinkers and we're a tad squeamish about the crime, but we need to do a little of the night life before we leave.  This needs to include the House of Blues. Same requests here for visitors!!

There's a Strawberry Festival in Pontchatoula in the Spring that I don't want to miss this year.  The RV will be helpful again on this one!  This one is mainly for the kids, but who doesn't love strawberry  shortcake?

A new tour is developing in Avery Island at the Tabasco company!!  As a huge fan of tabasco in and on EVERYTHING, this is a must see.  Plus I think they give out teeny, tiny samples.  I NEED teeny, tiny bottles of tabasco in my life.

The list will expand, but these are the "musts" for upcoming months.  This spring is going to be fantastic!!  Any suggestions are always welcome!  So are guests.  Seriously, come and visit.

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