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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

My Ideal Candidate

Elections are not just for our parents.  It is our responsibility, as well as our right to be involved in the process of the election of a new President.  As the season for announcements of candidacy ramp up, I am left with wanting the ability to create my own candidate.  

Let's call him Mr. USA.  He could be called Mrs. USA, if she also meets the same criteria.  He has a love for this country that matches our own.  This is not a phony "I'm waving a flag" kind of love, but rather the kind that would have him sacrifice himself to save others.  Perhaps this means that he served in some capacity in the armed forces.  If he has been in the trenches in some other capacity, that would work too.  His resume would be a hero's resume.  Reading in the grass studying in Harvard yard isn't quite enough for me.  I want a real patriot.

Mr. USA can be religious, but he would never presume that his voters had to be the same.  Mr. USA respects America's ability to separate worship from the floor of the Senate or from the swing of the door into the oval office.  He believes that the spiritual upbringing of America belongs with America's parents.  Mr. USA listens to his constituents and genuinely tries to keep their best interests at the forefront, ALL of his constituents.

Mr. USA understands the importance of reducing the role that Government plays in the personal decisions of his people.  He "gets" that he isn't running for office to save us, but rather to lead us with smart decision making and a full understanding of who real Americans are.  Mr. USA wants to make America a proud nation, rather than a pedantic one.

Mr. USA knows how to balance a budget.  Lining the pockets of the mega rich is not a priority, but he is more interested in strengthening the middle class. Encouraging young America to make the change in their own lives to make this place better is more of a "Grand Torino" type of approach from Mr. USA.  He wants America to change itself, not change because he says so.

Mr. USA apologizes for mistakes.  He doesn't back peddle, he just simply says that he was wrong if he has chosen wrong.  We have to expect that our leaders from time to time need to take an alternate route.  A real leader can admit that his current course isn't working and can gather the smartest people in the room to help find a better result.  We know he's not an expert on everything because that would just be faking it.  Mr. USA can put ego aside in order to get it right.

Mr. USA needs to be an eloquent speaker, but not a slippery one.  He tells the truth, not a "version" of the truth, just the truth.  His integrity shines more than his dashing smile.  This integrity will shine through his past.  He will be free from character attacks because he has nothing to hide.  He is actually a good person, a real boy scout if you will.  

Mr. USA will get respect because he gives respect.  

Mr. USA will give speeches from National Parks because he knows how important they are.  He will encourage people to not only support them by visiting, but he will promote them.  Programs for their continued upkeep will get troubled youth involved in taking care of their country.

Mr. USA will already have a favorite team.  It doesn't have to be my team.  He will stick by that team through thick and thin.  There's no bandwagon jumping for Mr. USA.

Mr. USA will have a strong spouse.  This spouse will also lead.  Mr. USA's spouse will be graceful, eloquent, and real.

Mr. USA will already have a plan.  He will be able to discuss this plan during his campaign in specific terms.  No broad strokes here for Mr. USA.  He will outline his first steps and how they'll go into action.  

Mr. USA will destroy the velvet rope dividing the parties.  He will have the ability to get foes into the same room and help them work as a team.  There will be a rise in cooperation!

Am I dreaming?  Of course I am.  Politics is kowtowing.  Politics is baby smooching.  Politics is smoke and mirrors and Americans are sick of it.  We thirst for something genuine.  Americans are tired of being lied to.  Americans work hard and play hard and expect integrity in our leaders, though we rarely receive it.
Where are you Mr. USA?  You're our only hope.


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