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Thursday, April 9, 2015

11 Things That My "Houmies" Might Say

This fun topic has been covered before, but there are more Houma colloquialisms that need to be shared!  It can get confusing for Northerners because there really is no guide book for us to fully cover the vast plain that is Louisiana culture.  We're merely breaking the surface as people share peculiar vocabulary with yours truly.  
1.  Nanny = Godmother

2.  What sounds like "bald" = boiled

3.  Cold drink = Soda (usually Coke)/ Pop for you midwesterners

4.  Buggy = Shopping cart

5.  I'm making groceries = I'm grocery shopping

6.  My son made 12 = my son turned age 12

7.  krewe = group of Mardi Gras revelers on a float or at a ball

8.  Chadron = thistle or weed type plant that is supposedly delicious.  Can't wait to try it actually.

9.  Snowball = snowcone, but with the addition of condensed milk.  This has been described as addicting as "crack." 

10.  Go now = Geaux and is typically connected with the LSU tigers.

11.  Swamp knees =  Stumps of Cypress trees

These are just 11 little examples of the culture that we've been soaking up.  We enjoy meeting the friendly people down here. I'm not sure if they're called Houmians, but I really like Houmies better.   Hopefully they'll keep on teaching us more things they say in Houma.   

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