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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Own Your Emotions!

Knowing your emotions and owning them, rather than letting them own you is part of being a functional adult.  It’s easier with age because you start to care less and less about things that upset you in your youth.  It’s a perk of getting older because it’s freedom to truly be yourself.  Here are a few of my “owned” emotions in their current state.

I’m sad…that I miss my friends and family because I’m so far away.

I’m excited….to be seeing a few of them in a few short days!!!  Also that a new National Park awaits!!

Excited Face!!

I’m happy…that my kids have finished their second to last test of our homeschooling year!  One more to go baby!!

I’m angry…that I still have 5-10 pounds to lose.  I may start not caring about that soon too.

I’m elated…that Spring has brought such beautiful flowers to my back yard and that my friend moved closer!  Six hours compared to across the sea is a vast improvement.

I’m fearful…that we will not find a viable candidate for President and we’ll be stuck making the decision about the lesser of 2 evils again.

I’m confident…that my fitness routine will increase exponentially after the homeschool year is finished.

I’m ecstatic…that I will see my family this summer.

I’m surprised…that finding gators in the wild excites me so much.

I’m disgusted…by twerking.

I’m proud..that yesterday my daughter gave a homeless man some food yesterday because she knew he was hungry.

Analyzing how you feel and knowing how to move the negatives into the positives category is a skill.  Being a functional adult can be fun if you let it.  It’s fascinating that all of these emotions drift in and out of you throughout a single day.  Let’ s push the happy harder so that it is the biggest of the bunch.

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