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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Be The Wonder Woman

We were all young once.  When we were young partying all night long and wearing short skirts and fancy shoes seemed fun; it seemed like those things mattered.  There were nights we'd rather not remember and there were nights we can't forget.  Let me let you in on the secret, or rather state the obvious.....none of that fun will ever change the world.

Current music, movies, and dating all look so sad and meaningless to a person who's been out of that game for over a decade.  Those songs about shots, shots, shots, shots.  Ugh.  Casual sex, is that still a thing?  Maybe those of us who can still recall the AIDS crisis remember how dangerous all of that nonsense can truly be.  The bottom line is, I think we can do better than that.  We can all be the wonder woman instead.

Watching Ellen the other day there was a teacher who changes the world every, single day.  The small glimpse I saw of her made me want to be more like her.  Women like her make the world a better place every, single day.  For her it comes naturally.  She obviously has that kindness gene that is dormant in so many.  She's a wonder woman! 

There was another story I read about a little girl who performed 600 acts of kindness in remembrance of her Grandmother.  She gets it!  At age 8 she gets what too much of this country doesn't; we can help each other.  She's already a wonder woman!

Let's take a shot at bringing that dormant kindness into a daily practice.  I challenge you to make kindness a priority in your life.  Here are some random ideas to get you started.  Share your ideas with others too.  Let's make this a kindness chain that can truly change the world.  All you have to do is take the first step and decide to be the wonder woman instead.

Pick up the restaurant tab for a stranger.

Leave some flowers on the door of a neighbor.  Doesn't even have to be one that you know.

Contact a local homeless shelter and ask what you can do to help.

Contact a local elementary school and ask if they have any kids that need a little extra help.  For instance ask if they have a Feeding America Backpack program in place help them.  If needed, get it started!

Volunteer your time.

Bake cookies for your mailman.

Donate some items to a local food bank.

Clean out your closet and bring the contents to a shelter.

Find a Boy Scout and help him with his Eagle Project.

Leave a pile of quarters on a washer at a laundromat.

Read to an elderly person at a local retirement home.

Take old books from your shelves and leave them where they're most needed.

Give a homeless person a meal.

Bring a treat to your local firemen and your local police department.

Send a letter to someone in prison.

These are a mere few ideas that if carried out could change the world.  Imagine if every one of us actually took the streets in a real effort to change it for the better!  Record your journey and see if it doesn't make your personal world a little better too.  You could think of it like wearing invisible Wonder Woman underoos!

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