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Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Indians and A White Chick

For awhile I've been trying to figure out how to write this post.  After Saturday night, it all became clear and easy.  This post is dedicated to my friends.  Those dear, dear friends who threw me a party that I will never forget. 

I met a wonderful person a few years ago while coaching my son's soccer team.  Her son was a member of my team and coined my nickname "Mrs. Coach".  At first we were just friendly on the pitch.  She was my assistant coach and the best assistant one could ever hope to have.  

Then we started to become wonderful friends.  My family and I started attending parties at this lady's house.  I had never attended Indian parties before and once I did there was no turning back.  These wonderful people at these parties were welcoming and kind.  Plus, they danced with joy late into the night, which is something I can always support.  My husband and I knew immediately that we were out of our league.  To this day I can't hang as long as this Indian goddess can.  

I started hanging out with her and two other beauties for ladies' nights out.  We soon coined ourselves "3 Indians and a white chick".  Now I have been labeled an honorary Indian and an Indian sister.  I am forever in her debt for opening up her world for this white chick to explore.

This sweet woman planned this goodbye party for months.  My husband was in on it.  She went so far as to invite my two lifelong besties who blew my mind in the surprise of my life!  I walked into decorations made of my favorite colors.  My favorite drinks were served.  My favorite food was prepared.  My favorite music was playing.  Karaoke happened!  Dancing never stopped.  My grade school friends became fast friends with my Indian beauties.  The joy in the room filled it with a special glow, or was that the reflection from the gigantic smile on my face?

Sweetness was in the air, complete with beignets prepared by the gorgeous daughter of our host.  Then the crying started.  My family and I were sat down to listen to my friend tell, through tears, our stories from our time here in Virginia.  All of this was followed by a beautiful slide show prepared by that sweet, sweet daughter of hers.  We all felt very loved.  We received thoughtful and beautiful gifts that only perpetuated the flow of tears down my face.

My bestie's husband made a great point in saying that I am a person who has friendships that will last a lifetime.  My friendship with his wife and our other bestie is evidence to that point.  We may move away from our friends, but we always carry them with us.  The quality of the friendships that I keep is more than a simple bond between people.  It is a unique family made up of individuals who understand each other through generosity of spirit.  It is cherishing the fun times and holding each other up in the bad.  These friends all lifted me to a place I don't know if I'll ever reach again. 

So from the deepest place inside my truly grateful heart, I say thank you to these wonderful friends.  Feeling cherished is extremely humbling.  Please know in the deepest part of your hearts that the feeling is mutual and that this party will continue.  Until we dance again my friends, I'll be thinking of you and forever wishing that I could move you all with me.

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