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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Being Mommish Not Amish

Style in your rising 30s can be tricky.  This is especially true when you can, size wise, legitimately shop in the juniors' section.  The problem here lies in the rule that if you remember wearing a trend in the 80s, you should not wear it again.

So the style lines are drawn.  We shouldn't look like we're going "up in da club" and we shouldn't look like we are hiding our bodies beneath a drab cloak.  This is not being written to bash the Amish.  I am admittedly envious of the simplicity of the lifestyle.  However, I don't live in Lancaster County and I truly enjoy electricity and color.

Moms come last.  Everybody knows this.  Here's the thing though, whether you like it or not, people look at how you present yourself to the world.  What are the unfortunate Mom jeans saying about you?  Trust me it isn't nice.

Now to add to this style "no man's land" is a kid who has become aware of appearance.  My boy is embarrassed by my bikini.  Granted I'm not in World Cup shape at the moment, but that isn't even the issue.  It's the nakedness!  So my style has to be Mommish from here on out.  My bikini's tucked away favoring an Athleta tankini instead.

Here is an attempt to define the Mommish style.  Classy, covered, and covertly coveted.  Simpler, sass-free, and seeping with sophistication.  My closet has been streamlined to respect the young man's feelings.  That being said, my wardrobe will not look like I've given up.  Thank you Target and Ann Taylor Loft for making it easier!

Living in the Deep South, I am afraid that my style is going to slip into whatever keeps me the coolest.  What fabric will let me sweat the least?  How can you look Mommish without causing unending swamp crotch?  Challenge accepted, style watchers!  Skirts of all colors and dresses that don't touch me is the way this is gonna go.  I'm certain that the boy will approve; while I remain feminine without dressing too young.  I'm proud to be Mommish!

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