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Thursday, May 1, 2014

10 Reasons Why Older Is Better

My husband had to correct me about my age this week.  Somehow in my meandering brain, I miscalculated and missed a year making me believe that I was actually one year younger.  Someone once told me that this "forgetting" your age is when you know you're really old.  

So be it!  It's funny because getting older does suck for some reasons, like the aches and pains and the weird stuff you notice about your sinking face and squishy waistline.  Sorry folks I can do all the crunches I want, my sweet layer is not going anywhere!  What I am finding the most funny is the fact that I care so much less about things that used to seem so important.  Positive begets positive!

Here's a list of the great things about getting older.

1.  I no longer care what people think of me.  I used to feel a deep cut if someone spoke ill of me.    Now I IS smart, I IS kind,  and I IS important!  I know who my forever friends are and can let the rest drift off like a passing fog.  A friend I recently re-linked with once told me, "it's hard to get to know you, but once you do it's an absolute pleasure".  That is the best compliment I have ever received.  She told me with that one sentence that I am not surface.  My friendships are real and if you're a fake person you can pass me by and I can now easily say good riddance! 

2.  We have a credit card and we can pay it off.  I may read books that are meant for a younger crowd from time to time, but I can by-pass that younger crowd's long line when the book is made into a movie.  Ha ha tweens, isn't my AMEX sexy?

3.  I am fine with not conquering the world.  I actually thought I could after I graduated from college.  Grand, youthful ideas swirled around my bobble head.  Adults realize that we will not likely reinvent the wheel and even if we did, we can only enjoy it for a little while because the focus quickly becomes other people when you start a family and are fully committed to that family.

4.  Dating sounds like the scariest thing I can imagine.  My husband and I both agree that we'll gut it out no matter what because the thought of having to deal with some creepy dating scene is horrifying.  Luckily we really like each other, so gutting it out might be me folding the cardboard (which I hate) or him shopping with me (which he hates).

5.  Daytime cocktails are better than all night drunk.  When I was younger, I could rage into the night.  I have watched the sun come up with many friends.  Now, my favorite is an afternoon barbeque with a couple of beers.  I can pass out and wake up with no hangover.  Plus less cocktails in general make just a couple of beers more fun and don't add to the squishy.

6.  I feel smart knowing that I listened to my elders.  There were lessons from so many different sources that have lead me to my confident state.  Thank goodness I was not so arrogant to let those lessons go in one ear and out the other.

7.  Appreciation for each and every day means so much more.  Time moves so quickly!  April was seriously the fastest month of my life.  Nothing should be taken for granted because you never know what you may face tomorrow.

8.  My car is nicer than my first car.  That first ride had a velour dashboard, enough said.

9.  I know how to cook like a restaurant.  This is at least what my husband says.  I'm not sure whether or not he's just being kind, but it does motivate me to keep cooking.  It is becoming more fun trying to figure out healthier ways to make food taste great.  

10.  Less is more.  Keeping life simple by minimalizing is how we do it.  Having to move a bunch of sentimental stuff is not so fun. 

So there are 10 reasons why getting older is positive.  I have a feeling that more bonus features are in our future.  My future is still bright because I choose to keep it that way.  Sure I'm one year older than I was in my head, it only means that age is just a number.

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