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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

When In The Big Easy...

After finding the house, my handsome man and I were privileged to enjoy an overnight date in New Orleans.  After the fun we had, I am positive that it will not be our last.  What a great city!  Plus, it is only 50 minutes away from where I am going to live.  Hooray for silver linings!!

We stayed at a swanky joint called the Intercontinental.  We were fancier than we'd been all week and let me tell you, my fancy is not really all that fancy.  Walking around this city made me smile and feel lucky that Louisiana is our future.  There was music everywhere!  It was the weekend of Jazz Fest too, so there were people everywhere.  It was as if all the hippies of the country had descended on the Big Easy!  Joints were flying all over and we were dodging, so as to not accidentally inhale some of the haze.

Who is this dog?  He was everywhwere!

We ate Po' Boys!  We ate Jambalaya!  We ate beignets!  If you have never indulged, you absolutely need to put them on your bucket list.  Holy cow, yes a cow is what I'll likely become with the carb fest that is Louisiana.  Can I get a vegetable please?  Beer isn't in that category is it?

We gambled in Harrah's!  Well, he gambled while I watched.  I've always maintained that I'd rather buy a pair of shoes than risk losing the cash.  It was really fun watching though and we ended up sitting next to Mike Weir, who was in town for a PGA event. 

The funniest thing we had happen was running into an old friend we'd known in Hawaii.  We were walking down some random street and my husband recognized him immediately.  I admit, I was not making eye contact, as my old New York City self had kicked in.  We yelled his name after he'd passed and sure enough, it was him!  We caught up for a minute and are now looking forward to our families being able to hang out, as they live in Houston and make it to New Orleans from time to time.  Check a box in the positive column people, we found friends.  We also know another lovely couple in Mobile who will likely meet up with us in this jazzy city as well.  Oh the fun we are sure to have.

We will get to bring our visitors here and see this city with renewed vigor.  Can you feel the excitement?  Knowing that this place is so close has made the upcoming transition a bit more of a "big easy".  Now I just have to figure out exactly how to home school my kids, this is the not so easy part.  Unfortunately, educational trips to New Orleans are not the only thing I need to put on my calendar.  We are resilient and will figure it out and make it great!

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