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Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Pirate, 2 Bohemians, and A Working Man

Prepping your house for sale is a pita (Pain In The Ass).  You essentially must pretend that you are living in a museum.  The walls are washed down, your personal stuff is tucked away, and you have to get your family on the same page.  This is proving to be difficult with my family, as it consists of one pirate, 2 bohemians, and a working man.  By the time we list our home for sale, they will be my minions!

The pirate is my daughter.  Any of you who has a little girl in the house knows that "sugar and spicers" are like pirates.  They sock wee treasures away in your house for later discovery.  I find sweet, little piles of loot all over the place that would normally make me smile.  I'm not grinning while I'm trying to make it look like we barely live here.  She may need a map to find the way to where all of her things belong and I may create one for her just for fun, that scurvy scallywag.

The 2 bohemians are the boys.  Boys don't care what things look like most of the time.  They drop things that may or may not be picked up later.  I can't complain too much because they aren't disgusting boys.  I don't find smelly things hidden away, though the occasional booger is discovered in my cleaning tornadoes.  Gross!  My son actually called me the "cleaning tyrant" the other night.  Yep, he was punished for not picking up the wet towel off of his floor.  How hard is this?  It isn't hard!  It's the bohemian "whatever dude" attitude that makes it seem impossible to him.  The dog falls in this category too because he truly doesn't care where he leaves his chew toys or where he drips his water.  Darn him!

We of course know who the working man is.  This dynamite individual works all day long and then comes home to his loving family each night and does the dishes.  I will give him accolades because I know how spectacular he is.  The only down side is that he's gone at work all day, so I feel bad putting a load of work on him after he gets home.  There is a "to do" list building though because I am finding that I just simply can't handle doing all of it by myself.  Repairing minor nicks in the walls and other aesthetic fixes need to happen before we list.  Enter the working man.  I am positive he is willing and able to help with these things, so he can be my lead minion.

So in an effort to get all of these people on the same page, a plan has been hatched!  Mwahahaha!  We will become "Team Miller" again and sell this house together.  I know my limits and I will crack if I constantly have to clean up everyone else's crap in a hurry to show the house. 

My minions will be given "Miller bucks" and "Minion bucks" at the beginning of each week.  On the back of these Miller bucks are the list of tasks that need to be completed before leaving the house.  On the Minion bucks are the tasks that need to be completed at night.  We will pool all of the Miller bucks and decide together on what to spend the hard earned loot.  The choices are movies, dinners out, hikes, and other group activities.  Let's face it when you're selling your house, family fun has to be earned.  It will never get done if we don't work together.

Going through the trouble of making this process more fun will hopefully make it less painful.  I hate hearing myself nag and I am certain my kids don't like it either.  Let's hope that the the plan works so that we can have some fun when the jobs are done. 

Go Team Miller!  AKA Kelly's Minions

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