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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Realtor Might Be A Wizard

I consider our realtor a friend.  My daughter and her daughter were in the same Kindergarten class.  I always knew that she was a sweet person, but now I think that she may "moonlight" as the Potions Master at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  Either that or she wears Wonder Woman underoos and has special, super powers.  I haven't decided which, but I'm kinda leaning toward the wizard.

We are a relatively clean family.  My mother says that you could eat off my floors.  I don't believe this is true, but knowing that this is her perspective makes me feel like we're not a bunch of dirtbags.  Though we aren't slobby folks, gunk still builds up in a house after living in it for a few years.  My plan was to recaulk.  The lovely Meredith, super-powered realtor knew better.

Professor Snape's replacement knows how to fix the problem with potions instead!  She gave me CLR and a special Tilex for one of my nemesis areas.  Every house I've ever lived in has one.  I had never tried either of these products in the past.  Clorox and Lime Away had always done the trick along with a little elbow grease.  Well these potions have made everything sparkly and shinier than the day we moved in and I didn't have to scrub like I normally do.  Potions master?  I think so.  Maybe the underoos hide beneath her wizard robes.

We're also dealing with a cute little problem with a bird in our dryer vent.  She did research and there are people coming to safely remove Mama bird  this week.  Is it a coincidence that these "saviors" list themselves as wizards?  I think not!  Above and beyond seems to be her speciality.  I half expected her to fly over and wave her wand around to talk the bird into finding a new place to nest, or lasso it with her golden lasso.

In addition to helping me with these little bits of fun, she went and found me a realtor in Louisiana!  Not only did she find someone, the lady is the owner of the company and is crazy knowledgable and connected in the bayou.  We are in good hands all over!  All I need is to get used to her accent and hope that she moonlights a little too.

The house isn't sold yet, but I have great faith in Meredith Hannan's 13 years of experience.  If you are in the market for a realtor she comes highly recommended by Team Miller.  Her breadth of real estate knowledge really makes her more than a potions master.  I am convinced she is the head wizard of the real estate world.

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