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Monday, March 3, 2014

My Friendly Highlight Reel

There are moments with friends running like a highlight reel in my head.  Through each move I used to say that I will get lucky to have one good, quality friend who will stick despite the distance.  Finding that I was low-balling my estimate has been the best failed theory I've ever had.

When there has been such fun, it is difficult to cover the many souls who have meant so much to me during our Virginia tour.  The blessing that Facebook provides is that geography is no longer a barrier to connection.  Sure I'd rather continue to hang out in the same physical space, but it just isn't possible most of the time.  I also didn't want to neglect telling people who are close to me that they matter.  It's been tough trying to figure out how to do it in less than 100 blog posts.

What I've decided to do is to list some of my favorite memories and times when I've had the most gratitude.  I won't tag anyone in order to protect people's privacy.  I'm not too much of a sappy, sentimental fool I hope.  These are listed in no order, but more of a flood of consciousness, a shared consciousness of Virginia friendships.

Hawaii and belly rubbing
Omar and Oscar
New York City trip
Apothic Red and so many great books
Kids playing in the street
Three Indians and a White chick dancing
Sharing Holidays
Painting Easter eggs
Moms behaving badly
Snow days
Family of Virginia
All of the helpers
5k runs
Disney Run
Busch Gardens
Pool parties
South Riding Inn
Dave Matthews Band
Ridiculously bad tennis
Wii dance battles
Learning Spanish
DC trips, day and overnight
Pig roast
National Parks

I know many of these won't mean much to some, but some will mean much to many.  We feel blessed to call you friends and though I've tagged no one and mentioned no names, I hope that you know that you are on my list of cherished people.  Please feel free to share your favorite memories too.  It's fun to look back and remember these last few years.  Thank you for making it great!

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