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Friday, February 28, 2014

Chasing The Unicorn

Searching for a new house stresses me out.  We go through it with every, single PCS (Permanent Change of Station) for you non-military readers.  The endless internet searching and location mapping makes your eyeballs roll around in your head.  This move feels different and it seems that we're chasing a unicorn.

We haven't rented since our NYC tour when it was just me and my sexy boyfriend living it up in the Big Apple.  Now that sexy man and I have expanded in so many ways that our needs haved shifted into a rental that may not exist.  The 3+bedroom 2+ bath rental with a fenced backyard and a pool that allows pets is the unicorn.  I completely disregarded a previous military spouse telling me to never have pets or plants.  Ooops.

When I contacted a realtor yesterday initiating the process, girlfriend literally laughed at me.  She wasn't being disrespectful, but she agreed that what we want is the unicorn with the golden horn and rainbow mane.  The realtor's last name is Beauty, which I love.  I honestly pictured her showing our unicorn to us with a cotton candy pink, princess dress smiling sweetly and singing while a bird softly landed on her extended finger.  Instead she sent me this.  
So, Beauty and I switched roles and I sweetly rejected this wall to wall, paneled swamp box and made the "annoy my husband at work" call.  He agreed that that was certainly NOT our unicorn.

So now we need to get pre-approved for a loan, just in case we need to buy the unicorn instead.  The chase remains the same.  Beauty may wear her prettty dress yet.  The new vision of her extended finger is no longer a bird, but a set of keys with a unicorn key chain sparkling in the Louisiana sun. 

Our hope is that our current home will be someone else's unicorn when we put it on the market.  Our realtor here is a beauty, though that's not her name.  We continue prepping for "museum living" in the hope that when the time comes our beloved space will shine!

I am blessed to be able to reject something that we do not like.  We are not those 20 something kids living in NYC anymore.  We are old enough to make a proper decision for our family.  My goodness when did that happen?  The stress will not get the better of us and we will continue to chase the unicorn.

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