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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

NOVA Bucket List

We've made the most of our time here in NOVA.  We've seen the big museums many times, but we have missed a few!  As check-out time approaches, we need to knock these off our area bucket list.  I've compiled my top picks and shared it here upon prompting from a friend.

1.  Tour the White House and the Capitol.  It's good that I wrote this now, so I can actually make these happen because they're trickier than others.  The White House requires scheduling through your Congressman.  So, that request will be out today.  The Capitol just requires tickets set up in advance.  Perhaps we can do both in the same day, as it is walkable.

2.  The Holocaust Museum.  We have wanted to do this for years.  Why oh why have we put it off so long?  It's heavy and the kids would likely not allow for the appropriate mindset while touring.  We were waiting for the right time.  With so little time left, we'll take a day off and make this happen.

3.  The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln Walking Tour.  How did this one not happen in year 1?  It's really easy to do and tours can be set up for 6 or more people separate from the scheduled events.  Anyone want to join us?

4.  Mt. Vernon.  It's been put off for too long.  We got so busy with our weekend activities and neglected this one.  Jack has wanted to go for years.  It's now a top 5 priority.

5.  Junior Ranger Badge DC.  My kids have participated in the Junior Ranger Program at National Parks and Monuments at many different locations.  There is one to earn right in DC!  No hold up there, except the weather.  We'll take our bikes downtown and away we go....

6.  Old Rag AGAIN please.  One of my all time favorite hikes is Old Rag in Shenandoah National Park.  It is so good that it is worth doing twice.  If we can get my 7 year old comfortable with peeing outside, she'll get to join us this time.  Spring come on already!

That's the "to do" list before our new adventure begins.  Please feel free to comment if you feel I've missed something that is a "must see".  Or feel free to comment and join us!!

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