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Sunday, February 2, 2014

City Mouse, Country Mouse

There are many things I will miss about Northern Virginia.  I'll have to cover that later for I fear the tears at the moment.  In order to make my move a bit more positive, I'll list a few things that I won't miss.  It's mental trickery for myself.

1.  Route 50, you have been the stitch in my side since I arrived.  It isn't just Route 50, it is all of the ridiculous traffic in the DC area.   This is not the first place we've lived where congestion has been an issue.  In fact, this move will be the first that is more rural than urban.  While looking at houses for sale, I actually saw a picture of a cow in a yard!  I may or may not have been disappointed that it wasn't an 8 foot gator.

2.  Disposable vs fixable is something I have had to adjust to here in NOVA.  You walk my neighborhood on trash day and you'd be shocked by what is simply discarded.  Items that could be fixed, refurbished, or donated are tossed in the rubbish.  I've seen others grabbing things from the piles hoping to make something out of nothing.  I am betting I will see more DIY types in the country.

3.  Competitiveness has been something to overcome here, as I'm sure it is elsewhere.  I hope it isn't as bad in the country.  The sheer volume of people puts you in competition for placement in clubs and teams.  Maybe if there are less people, there will be more spots for my kids.

4.  Lyme Disease has been a scary part of living in Loudoun County.  My family loves hiking and camping.  With the fun of being outside, comes the risk of nasty deer ticks.  My whole family has had a bite at different times.  We have been lucky to avoid the disease so far, but the risk may go down in Louisiana, the incidents reported by the CDC are much lower down there!  I am trying hard not the think about the other bugs we'll encounter.  You know the ones that laugh at you when you try to kill them.

5.  Prices are higher in urban areas.  It is expected that you'll pay more for most things.  When I visit my hometown in Upstate New York, I get excited to visit the local eateries where we won't break our bank account just going to dinner.  There don't seem to be as many chains, but many local seafood joints that are going to make us really happy.

6.  Germs are any parent's nemesis.  I take bets with friends for how long it takes for kids to get infected by something as soon as school starts in the fall.  Sure germs are everywhere, but maybe we'll have less infections if I home school my kids.  Surely I'm reaching here for something not to miss.

So this city mouse won't miss this list of things.  The country has much to offer!  If I miss all things urban, New Orleans is only an hour away.  It will be waiting there if I need it.

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