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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Give Me One Good Reason

Sometimes the rut in which we find ourselves is so deep that it resembles the bottom of a cliff in Zion National Park.  You stare up at the trail head just knowing you'll never reach the summit.  What happens when you break yourself out of that rut can be the most amazing gift that you could ever give yourself.  Here's a little music appreciation to explain how I got out of my rut.
Staring at the mirror last month was not something that I enjoyed doing.  Being vain was never one of my strong traits.  I was always the girl with the personality.  Not exactly the 'DUFF' (Designated, Ugly, Fat, Friend), but my friends are gorgeous.  My husband always tells me I'm beautiful and I believe him.  I just hadn't felt that way for most of last year.
Bubba Sparxx said it best....
I hit a real low.  Bad food, wine, beer, and lack of exercise became a steady way of life.  Occasionally I tried to reboot and get healthy, but nothing stuck, except the pounds.  Misery, bigger clothes, and self-loathing were ruling my little world.  It was dark.
It felt something like this song....
30 days ago I started a journey thanks to my husband's dear cousin.  She had found the fountain of youth and prosperity.  I'll admit I was curious and now I am so grateful that she had posted her results on Facebook, so that I can share mine now.  This song has motivated me since I started. 
Give me one good reason why I should never make a change...

A month of a complete and total health overhaul has brought me to a very happy end to this 30 days.  I have lost 14 pounds!  My waist is 6 inches smaller!  I am shopping in my closet for clothes that I've not been small enough to fit in in years!  My energy is through the roof!  In order to take care of all of this extra energy, I am running like the wind!  I sleep better.  My skin is smoother.  My hair is shinier.  My husband keeps calling me the incredible shrinking woman, which I will never be sick of hearing.  My entire family is eating healthier, organic food by preference!  My husband has witnessed the transformation and is starting his own 30 day journey!!!  
This one was just stuck in my head!!
Sorry for that enormous paragraph, but I do believe that I am obsessed with the positive results and just had to share my joy with you.  We are the results of the effort we put into anything we do.  I can hardly wait to see what happens next!  30 days have passed, but my journey is not over.  
My theme song!!! 
This one too!

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