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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Thursday Truths

I try to live a very authentic life.  Honesty is the best policy in most of life's decisions.  It is easier to live your life in honesty than the alternative.  A peaceful mind just makes things easier.  Here are a few Thursday Truths to show that I don't have much to hide.

I read Playboy magazine for the articles.
I loathe the grocery store.  It's my least favorite place.  I would rather clean toilets.

I swear in front of my children.  They've created a swear jar for me to stop. 
I am a terrible bowler, but I play every week because it's super fun.
I have left my dog's Cleveland steamer on a neighbor's lawn because I ran out of bags.

Sometimes I daydream about being back in college and going out dancing with my friends.

I don't like catfish.  I've tried it several times and I just can't.

My favorite movie is "The Day After Tomorrow".  I cannot explain it, but every time it's on I must watch it.

My husband is my favorite person in the whole world.

I strongly believe that if someone is talking about another person behind their back to me, they will or have at some point talked about me behind mine.

I believe that my father and I could solve the world's problems with the conversations we've had.

I believe my mother is the most kind person on the planet.

I believe my brother is too smart and funny.

I have a list of celebrities that I would put on a bus to be driven off of a bridge.

I have a another list of celebrities that I would like to hug.  Top of that list is James Earl Jones.

I am not good at math.

I like or dislike people based on their behavior, not by how they look.  Though some fashion choices do make me question people's decision making capabilities.

I sing in the shower, badly.

I hug my dog like he's my child.

I dance and sing in the car and don't care if my kids are embarrassed.

My main goal for my children is that they grow up to be happy.

I hate my daughter's stuffed animal collection.

I think that my son is a very old soul and I admire him for it.

What are your truths?  Are you brave enough to admit them?  Please share because it's just funny when you take a long look at yourself and realize that flying your freak flag makes you a very real person.

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