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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Fear Won't Steal My Sunshine

Americans have daily opportunities.  We are lucky.  We typically have the chance to go about our day without the menace of fear interrupting our progress.  There are the vapid residents who are somewhat obtuse and don't realize that there are people out there in the world who actually want us dead.  Then there are the others who live in daily fear of terrorists.  These sickos want us to live in fear of their hatred and wrath.  Thanks to the greatest military in the world, I get the choice to live my life the way I want to live it.

This is in no way a taunt.  I am writing as more of a "I will stand up for myself" musing.  After receiving an unsettling image in my google+ account, there is a choice to be made.

Choice A:  Shut down this account and never log on again to avoid the very real fact that my freedom to write what I want and send out into the world is hated by those who live their lives terrorizing others.

Choice B:  Refuse to be afraid and write.

Clearly, choice B is the way to go.

The topics on this blog have been primarily about children, peace, and happiness.  Yes I happen to be the spouse of someone who diligently serves in the military.  Sure I am proud of that spouse and support him in every way.  This places me in a difficult position, however.  We are targets for anyone who hates America because I choose to live my life out loud.

Here's the thing though, I am a proud American who enjoys the Constitutionally provided freedom of speech.  It is important to protect this freedom from those who terrorize in order to squash that freedom.  In a very responsible and respectful way, I am refusing to let fear steal my sunshine.  The image sent to me of that ISIS supporter wielding a bazooka will not sway me in my future writing.  Children, peace, and happiness will be continued topics.  You can keep your scary bullshit to yourself as I mute you.

My tiny corner of the world has very little effect on the rest of the globe, unless someone reads this post and understands that most of my fellow Americans want only peace.   Most of the people I know aren't quick to jump into a fight.  Most of us just want to raise our families without someone messing with us.  In all honesty though, be aware that poking a bear isn't a very smart idea.

In an effort to truly focus on peace, I say the following to those who want to take away my freedom:

1.  America protects itself and its own.  Our nation's people don't want to hurt anyone who hasn't hurt us first.

2.  Diplomacy only works if you stop threatening to murder everyone.  Your actions are proving that diplomacy will not likely work with you.

3.  We are not in the Dark Ages.  Stop chopping people's heads off!  Stop hurting people.  Stop just stop.

4.  Religion is supposed to be a way to raise people up.  You're doing it wrong.

5.  Education takes people higher than terror ever will.

6.  Look at your children's faces and ask yourself if you really want them to learn the brutality that you're teaching them.  If you actually desire children who are brutal and barbaric, then we'll answer that with bigger guns.

7.  Think

8.  The ideals in my great nation will continue to live on no matter how much you hate them.

9.  Though your actions are barbaric and horrific, I have faith that you will be defeated by those nations (not just mine) who value peace.  At my last count, there were 90 or so who are against you.  Good luck with that.

10.  My children will not learn to hate you.  They will only learn to hate what you're doing because my children will learn to think and be educated.  They will learn kindness and compassion.  The picture of their world will contain beauty instead of despair.

11.  I honestly hope that you can one day find peace for you and yours.  The reign of terror that you're spreading will end badly for you.

Some might ask why I'm not more afraid.  In all honesty, there is a piece of me that wants to get in a bunker and wait for this to end, but that would make me weak.  I am an American.  I am not weak.

My tiny little string of words barely reaches out of my personal circle.  Is it worth continuing for my personal pleasure?  After all, it's not as if this is a business making a ton of cash.  This is a foundation for my future life.  Writing is fun.  Having people read my writing is fun.  Nobody gets to steal my sunshine.  


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