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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Guest Author; "K-9" by Jack

Here is a story my son wrote for an assignment at home school.  He makes me proud each and every day.  Let him know what you think of his story.


Dogs are very simple and loving creatures. They like eating, sleeping, playing, playing fetch and licking. Humans are quite different.  They live longer, have more needs, and are at the top of the food chain.  A boy named Kyle wasn't liking life as a human and he desired to turn into a dog.  As we know, it is impossible. Or is it? 
“Why do I have to take the trash out?  I'm only nine”!  That was Kyle’s lame excuse for doing any chore whatsoever. 
His lazy and sweet loving dog, Rusty was sleeping on the couch.  He sat there all day doing absolutely nothing.  Kyle stared at him often with envious eyes, especially when his mother asked him to do something he didn’t want to do. 
“Why can’t I sleep on the couch all day?  I have to do everything!  The dog doesn't have to do chores!”  Kyle complained. 
His mom said, “He can’t KYLE he's a DOG.  No video games for two weeks.”
  “What? I didn't even do anything!”  Kyle shouted.
“If you give me more attitude I’ll make it four!  Go to your room.”  Kyle’s Mom disciplined.
“COME ON!”  Kyle protested.
Kyle’s odd Uncle Bob had been in the rare witch doctor business for a while.  Uncle Bob had some sort of ritual for turning people into dogs.  Kyle happily dialed him up and told him what he desperately wanted, to turn into a canine. His uncle came over and took him to his house. 
The dingy witch palace was filled with teddy bears with no eyes and toys without legs.  The place was crawling with stinky dogs, which didn’t seem to bother Kyle a bit.  He could not wait to be on four legs like they were.
Uncle Bob asked, “Which kind do you want to be?” 
Kyle picked the one that looked just like his pudgy, dog Rusty.  He picked the corgi.  His uncle explained that the dog’s mind would be in Kyle’s body, while Kyle’s mind was in the dog’s body.
“Thats okay he’s a very smart dog.”  Kyle said.
His uncle started chanting,”Turn this boy into a filthy mutt and it will jumble up his mental strut!” 
Kyle woke up a little sick and confused.  He thought to himself that it must have been some crazy dream.  Then his mom came in and started lightly scratching and petting his head.
“Who’s a good boy?”  She strangely asked. 
He tried to ask her to stop, but it came out was a low growl.  He suddenly realized that he was a dog.  He looked down and saw that he had furry feet and a tail. He couldn't talk normally.  He was surprised that he was a dog and his wish had come true.
It was time to enjoy life as a dog!  He had an overwhelming need to eat.  Kyle the dog ate his food that looked like brown rocks.  They tasted like skittles!  When his mom started to throw the ball, Kyle felt an immense surge of satisfaction.  He happily went to sleep on the couch for 5 hours straight.  Kyle could hardly wait to try pooping outside.                  
Kyle the dog went on a walk with his mom.  His doggie nose could smell everything and he liked it.  He felt his doggie tail wag when he saw his human body walking toward him.
“Woof!” it said to Kyle’s Mom
In a bark Kyle reassured his dog and he understood!  Kyle was thinking in English, but speaking in dog.  His dog looked scared in his human form.
Then Kyle the dog suddenly collapsed to the ground and had a heart attack.  He woke up on a cold table and heard the veterinarian delivering bad news.
The Vet said, “He has broken an artery and has heart worms.  We can’t fix him.”
His time was up!  His dog was old. He was going to die as a dog.  
Then his human body walked in.  His dog in human form looked at him with a knowing and sad smile. Rusty told him to enjoy life and not waste it. 
“It’s my time and I have loved being your dog.”  he touched Kyle on the fore head and they switched bodies again. 
He hugged his dying dog and cried, ”Rusty!  No buddy please!  Why?  No RUSTY!”
He woke up suddenly in his own bed.  He was only five years old and his dog was one.  It was the day after the family had picked up Rusty.  That sweet dog was at the bottom on his bed and looked up immediately at his owner.  Kyle hugged his dog and felt happier than he’d ever felt.  The two ran outside to play ball together.
Later Kyle’s mom asked him to take the trash out and he did it right away, while Rusty was sleeping on the couch.  Kyle learned a valuable lesson about enjoying his dog and his life.  He would never again wish away what he had. 


By Jack

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