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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Don't Forget Thanksgiving!

Christmas isn't here yet.  The reaction to knowing that that special twinkly holiday is right around the corner can give a variety of reactions.  Many feel relief, others panic, and those adorable few relish the idea of gathering the gifts sweetly for all of their loved ones, wrapping them in beautiful bows and sparkly paper.  These are the over achievers that I'd love to copy, but cannot ever seem to totally emulate.

Regardless, that holiday is not here yet!  Calm down people and remember what November is all about.  Thanksgiving rocks and it is treated like the red-headed step child of all holidays.  I usually take the entire month to reflect on what I am grateful for, but this year has found me thankful to just get through the day's homeschool curriculum and calling it a day.

Enough!  It is time for gratitude.  Dear readers, you know I love my lists, so here is another one.  This list comes with a request though.  Share your 30 Days of Thankful too.  Allow your list to erase the Black Friday flyers from your mind.  Find that place where Thanksgiving matters too.  Find that space where buying, buying, and buying is not as important as appreciating your life.  Bring on the gratitude!!

 Here's my 30 days of thankful all at once.

1.  My Mom, Dad, and Brother are always there when I need them.  I love them and miss them.

2.  My husband who is the best partner a girl could ever hope to have.

3.  My children's smiles bring me joy.

4.  My warm home on an unexpected cold day.

5.  My sweet corgi brings me unconditional love and doesn't ask for much in return.

6.  The Coast Guard provides us with what we need.

7.  Pinterest gives me inspiration.

8.  Sunshine

9.  Freedom and those who provide it.

10.  My extended family, both sides.

11.  Music!

12.  My sense of adventure.

13.  Facebook to keep in touch with so many.

14.  My education.

15.  Personal hygiene.  You have no idea how much you appreciate it when someone else doesn't have it.

16.  Empathy

17.  Coffee

18.  Calvert Curriculum

19.  My MacBook

20.  Photos

21.  The seat heater in my car

22.  My health

23.  Friends

24.  Funny TV & movie nights

25.  Turkey

26.  Patience

27.  Upcoming trips and visits

28.  The calm that comes only with age.

29.  Being able to find a silver lining in most situations.

30.  Star Wars

What is your 30?  I'd really love to know.  Now I'm really looking forward to next week!!

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