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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Almost A Fail

Anything worth doing is worth doing well.  Sometimes no matter how hard you try though, you end up committing a big fail.  I found a Vegan Snickers Bar Recipe on FB, instead of Pinterest the other day. I should have just picked up a GMO filled bar at the 7-Eleven, but alas this vegan treat looked good enough to try.

The ingredients should have been my first tip.  My glorious husband was doing the grocery shopping when I'd gathered the recipe needs and he was struggling to find the right dates and the right almond butter, along with a couple of other things.  I'm pretty sure this is the first time we've ever actually purchased dates and almond butter for any reason, and it seems silly to diligently search for things for a recipe that is just for fun.  He did though because he's the best.

The ingredients awaited my motivation found in my 7 year old's voice today.  She saw the recipe pics and begged to help me make it.  Out came the food processor and the patience.

The first step is blending the almond butter.  This step turned out to be the "it looks like diarrhea" phase of the recipe.  Luckily, she tried a lick of the maple flavored concoction and got past the displeasing visual.

The next step is the so called caramel.  It is ground dates mixed with other creamy things.  This is not a prettier phase to this recipe.  It became the "this looks like baby diarrhea" phase.  After I'd missed an ingredient the blender went bouncing across the counter!  I had to recover it and add the water to proceed.  Gee whiz that got scary.  Darling girl was too repulsed to try this after I'd accidentally commented that the dates would probably make us have the 'rhea.  Oops.

Step three is placing the second diarrhea phase on top of the first diarrhea phase and then covering that with melted dark chocolate.  Of course adding more comments to the diarrhea looking concoction we were supposed to find a healthy alternative to a Snickers bar.

We need a non-stick mold!

It looked terrible, but it sure didn't taste terrible.  Everyone was racing for a section, except the tween.  He couldn't seem to get past the dates.  We all enjoyed it!  The cleaning phase was not easy though. Until this delightful treat is wrapped up in something pretty and sold at a whole foods store nearby, we won't likely be gathering a new batch.  Sticky dishes are the least fun!

Kindly ignore the "I don't leave my home" hair.

Eating healthy is hard work.  Avoiding chemicals brings my mind all the way back to "The Incredible Shrinking Woman" and the continuing fight against bad stuff going into our food and Earth.  There's so much information floating around out there, I sometimes get overwhelmed!  I'll keep on trying though and will continue to remind myself that nature's candy is the best kind of sweet.  Going through the process of trying to replace a candy bar is a waste of resources.  Though it did line us up for a fun afternoon.

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