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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Thank You Junk Mail Filter

Every now and again, I drop into my junk box.  Sometimes a new contact will end up there, so I like to save them from the no man's land of cyber trash.  While visiting, the things to view there will make your head shake and your stomach turn, and maybe even make your eyes roll.  Beware of the bulk mail!

Deals!  Deals!  Deals!  Right.  Sorry folks, 15% doesn't actually blow my skirt up.  I am considering handing out a fake account every time any retail establishment asks for my e-dress.  Unsubscribing doesn't even seem to help.  It makes my radar go on high alert thinking about who is watching me out there in the retail universe.  Eeek!  

Loans, free credit checks, and advances on my paycheck are oh so tempting to whom?  I want the job of eliminating these spam jobs from existence.  Use your talents elsewhere geeks!  No need to open any of these emails by the way.  Their tag lines alone help you know that these e-mails are right where they belong.  Trash!

There must be a billion lonely people out there.  The bombardment from dating sites is astonishing.  We remain a happy couple, so no need to keep trying to hook us in.  Preying on those that could be sad and alone just makes me angry.  Plus if that bitch Adriana tries to hit on my husband via junk mail one more time.....  We laugh about this hose beast trying to reel some lonely person in.  Guaranteed it's some 47 year old dude wearing a stained wife beater that just barely covers his hair and zit covered back.  Gross!  Stop cat-fishing you creepies!!

Then there are the things that make you blush.  "Big and hard" flashing across your screen is not something you want those small people peeping over your shoulder to see.  Emptying this junk box now has to be done when they're asleep.  No parent on earth wants to answer questions after a kid reads a tag line like that!

Your free trip isn't wanted either cyber scammers.  Free anything should always make your red flags rise, if your flag isn't rising I'm sure there's a scammer to help you with that.  While I'd love to go to Fiji with no charges, I'd also like to stay free of malware and viruses that jack up my life.  Those cranks sending this crap out into the world need to climb out of their parents' basement and enter the real world.  Get a real job and make a difference in the world!

I suppose that's enough of my little rant.  It just has me acutely aware of the freaks that are out there in the world.  They are lurking and watching and hoping that you're stupid enough to fall for their crappy attempts to hook you.  As they prey on the lonely and broke, I hope that there are enough good people out there to compete with the bad ones.    

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