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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Naked and Sweating, but Not Afraid

We've become infatuated with the show "Naked & Afraid."  If you've never had the pleasure of viewing, go turn on your TV right now and get sucked in.  While I know no one (well possibly one or two) who could definitely tackle this survivalist task, I wanted to draw some comparisons to cheer myself.  Yes here in our new home we are naked and sweating, but not afraid.

The fundamental needs for survivalists on this Discovery Channel masterpiece are shelter, water, and food.  The participants struggle through the worst environmental conditions.  They cover their cold nights with palm leaves and a possible fire or in a cave hoping that a scorpion or a spider doesn't crawl up their butt in the pitch black.  Let's not forget, they are totally nude!  Boiling their water is a must, or they might end up with the "rhea" with no Immodium AD to the rescue or worse, a horrible life threatening virus.  Their food source could be a snake or a lizard, which they have to kill and cook themselves.  It is absolutely fascinating what they live through in their 21 days of this survival challenge.

Surviving Louisiana is a little different.  Our house has been made into a cozy haven that will hopefully withstand storms (hurricanes stay away, please).  There is typically a thunderstorm every day and we're hanging on so far.  Water is questionable after a recent report that there is a brain eating amoeba out there in Shreveport.  This town is  pretty far North, but still yikes!  We'll continue to drink filtered water and hope that nothing crawls in our ears during showers.  Food is hunted at the Rouse's Supermarket we found on St. Charles, which is like a smaller version of Wegman's.  Hooray!  Sam's club works too, hooray again!

Our basic needs are met.  Now to handle the critters and swamp ass.  The survivalists face venomous snakes and spiders.  There are creepy, crawly things all over the place here too, but we won't likely step on them and require medical attention by walking through the back yard.  The family dog is thoroughly entertained by chasing lizards, dragonflies, and bumblebees.  Have at 'em savage beast!  The swamp ass, previously covered here on this blog, is an absolutely tragic part of this brutal environment.  This is where the naked comes in.  Yes less clothing is best people.  We will not judge you if you forego the use of undergarments.  The vital item I would have in my survival bag would be baby powder forget the fire starter!

The mental part of the show is where true character is tested.  There is no difference here.  The loneliness of being away from everyone you know and love must be unbearable when you're starving and covered in crap from sleeping in a cave or in some make shift hut.  Here in our cozy shelter in Louisiana, we will just huddle closer as a family.  My friends and family know that distance is only miles.  While we have to face the post-move blues that have brought a few dark clouds over our heads, we continue to grow our character daily.  Social media is vital for surviving this mental test of survival in a new place.  My friends are only a click away.

The boredom is a new challenge to our survival down here too.  Activities are beginning to increase, which helps get us up and moving.  With any luck, the kids will find their new friends during these activities so that we don't feel like we're all alone on an island of misfit toys.  The local Michael's is a new favorite spot and our crafting output has doubled.  Finding new amusement is a dedicated effort.  We will overcome!

No we aren't really naked, though the temptation is almost overwhelming when you're mowing the lawn after 6:00 AM.  We are sweating and that's just a part of Southern life.  Fear is not an option and sympathy is not welcome.  In fact it will just make me mad.  We are a family of survivors not survivalists, wherever the move takes us.  We will make this place fun and happy yet, it is just going take a little longer than I'd anticipated.  

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