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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Then and Now Accept It

Shopping is different here, than in NOVA.  You could have anything you could imagine and could drive there, through the traffic, to get it.  Now options are somewhat limited and choices are completely different.

No big deal!  That's what Amazon is for right?  It occurred to me as I was searching for a new sun hat (the bayou ate mine), that my outlook on shopping has completely changed.  It isn't just because we're in a new environment.

The older I get, the more I realize that comfort trumps style.  Sometimes you get lucky and can meet in the middle.  The funniest part of it is that I am actually looking forward to the days when polka dots and stripes and crazy combos are my daily attire.  Somewhere in an elderly age, I will stop giving a crap, for good!

Until then, the differences will start revealing themselves more frequently.  There is no doubt that my style 20s are a thing of my past.  My style 30s are beginning to drift as well.  Here are the comparisons.

Pretties, I wish I could wear

Foot surgery says I wear these instead

Dress before gravity captured my boobs

dress covering all my saggy parts
How my abs used to look in a bikini

And.....enter the tankini

 Not sure I ever rocked this look.

My new consistent choice in shorts.

A little bra called every man's fantasy.


My 20s choice in beer.

Blue moon, even green tastes like soccer.

Things have changed, as they always do.  We all face it.  Though they get uncomfortable in the beginning of the change, suddenly a groove begins to form.  The heels of the past look ridiculously uncomfortable.  Now, while I wouldn't throw back an Amstel Light, sticking with my Blue Moon of my future feels just fine.

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