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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Reclaim The Whimsy!

Children are lucky.  They have the metabolism of gnats.  All of their needs are met by their adoring parents and their imaginations are as vivid as a fresh oil painting of a rainbow.  Their little brains are being filled with useful information and wonderful, new skills that will last them a lifetime.

My kids sit and happily pretend together.  Their imaginations weave fascinating story lines for their action figures to act out.  It's as if fantasy comes to life when they start to play.  They dress up in costumes.  Sometimes they'll dance in a restaurant if a great song comes on!  We parents are lucky because we are given the opportunity to relive our childhood in many ways with our kids.

From time to time though, adults can lose their whimsy.  Fantasy doesn't come easily when you've stopped practicing.  The responsibilities and needs of home and family start to lay a dark cloud over our inner child's rainbow if they aren't eased up once in awhile.  We have to rage against the dying of the light!  Adults can reclaim their whimsy if we practice more often.

 The first suggestion to regain our whimsy is wearing a crazy outfit once in awhile.  Release the trends that have us looking like little, suburban clones.  Picture how fun you would feel to leave the house in a pair of bright rainbow pants and platforms.  When I got to dress up for Halloween with my husband, I felt fun and new.  Why do this only once a year?

Karaoke is also highly recommended.  Nobody cares if your voice sounds less than superstar quality.  Getting out of our comfort zone can pull us out of the doldrums.  Grab that microphone and sing your favorite tune!  Shoot you could sing a tune that isn't your favorite, but is hilarious and it would be a blast.

Spark your imagination when you're playing with your kids.  It is a guaranteed fun time for the young people to see your brain open up and leave the cleaning and to do list mode for thirty minutes.  Giving your time to your kids to play will guarantee a change in their attitudes.  I speak from experience.

Find a book from the young adult section of your local public library.  This type of story can wake you up.  There are books from this part of the library can help remind you what it felt like to be young and reckless, even though you can no longer live that way.

Make chores a little more fun.  Create a bucket brigade with the laundry.  Have a trash race to the street.  Compete for the cleanest room in the house and take turns with which room is your responsibility.

Occasionally make a fool of yourself.  Dance at the supermarket!  Dance in your car!  Dance to exercise!  Dance every chance you get!  Dance even when you miss your dancing friends!

We can reclaim the whimsy!  They always say that practice makes perfect and this has to be true because they keep reminding us.  Something just needs to spark the inspiration to be young at heart again.



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