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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Unloading Boxes and Bad Habits

We have too much stuff!  This is always what we think when we receive our shipment and face the towering box city that awaits our undivided attention.  Emptying box after box, I've found too much crap that we just don't need.  An entire day being spent unloading the kitchen is too much!

So with this move we get yet another chance to break the bad habits that reside in the grooves of routine.  We can choose only what is on our list from the store and stick to the planned menu.  The closet will only now accept clothing if another article departs first.  The beautiful storage space we have here in our new compound will not be jammed with stuff that we just don't use.  We did NEED to buy this though....

With each new box, I get to do a little happy dance!  We even made packing paper angels for pure joy.  The kids are sick of unloading and we haven't really had the chance to do anything fun that has to do with Louisiana yet.  Our new "to do" list is all the fun stuff we get to see!

Being domestic is universal and it unfortunately has to come before the exploration.  Tomorrow is day 3 after receiving shipment and because we have been absolute unpacking machines, we will likely finish it up tomorrow and hopefully get to enjoy some real fun on Tuesday.  We are ready to meet some Cajun people!  The only friends we've made so far are the dragonflies that frequent our back yard, which happens to be our favorite place right now.

Thinking of the new habits we get to create could read like a self help book.  I wonder how long it will take to drift back into the old ones.  With some determination we can allow this move to change us right from the start.  We can choose to do things differently here.  Habits are conscious decisions that can change our lives with each passing day.  It's pretty cool to feel like I'm only on day 3 and am looking forward to setting new records for perseverance with change. 

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