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Friday, July 25, 2014

13 Things Already Learned In Houma

Moving gives you many different kinds of opportunities.  One opportunity I particularly enjoy is learning about the culture and community of the place we've been fortunate enough to be dropped in.  This town is unique and we have already started to learn new things.  Here is a list of what has been learned so far...

1.  Hebert is pronounced A-Bear.  This and many other interesting names will take some adjustment.

2.  A shopping cart is actually called a buggy down here y'all.  The language is going to be an adventure in itself.  We cannot wait to hear more! 

3.  Many people could give a crap about the warning labels on the side of a pack of cigarettes.

4.  Workout gear is for lawn mowing and you break a sweat just starting up your mower.  It is a battle each week to find the time to actually mow in between the frequent thunderstorms.

5.  Liquor is sold everywhere.  You will find whatever bottle you want at your local Rite Aid.  We are not just talking wine and beer people.  These are big, perhaps even gigantic bottles of whatever your poison may be.  They have funny extra bottle caps to prevent people from coming and helping themselves to a shot too.

6.  Having a pediatrician's office flanked by a bar and a Cajun Meat Market is completely normal.

7.  You have to set up utilities in person. 

8.  Everyone has a boat, but us!  We need to make some friends fast.

9.  Traffic means hitting one stop light on your way home from anywhere.  Every location you use Siri to find takes 10 minutes!  This is likely the greatest of the changes.

10.  Hurricane Preparedness is just plain good sense.  The kids and I will evacuate without "the man" if we get the call, which stinks.  Guess we're back to the reality that Mom runs the show at home aren't we?

11.  We already knew about the swamp pits and now the kids understand too.  A cool breeze is heaven right here on earth, though it seems to be somewhat rare.

12.  Bugs of unusual sizes are everywhere!  The dragonflies can stay because they are superb.  The nasty, stingy ones can be placed on a neighbor's boat and sunk wearing some concrete boots!

13.  Perhaps the most encouraging is the friendliness of the inhabitants.  Everyone smiles and everyone waves.  People actually look you in the eye.  One of our neighbors put up a sign on her mailbox the other day that said, "Whoever is reading this has a reason to smile today."  Unfortunately, I didn't have a camera on me.  How can you not get on board with a neighbor like that when this rock blesses our front door?  Kindred perhaps? 

Maybe it really is the second happiest city!  With each new discovery, we all get a little chuckle.  This place has character in spades.   

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