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Sunday, June 29, 2014

West Virginia, Mountain Mama...

West Virginia has been a relaxing oasis in the desert of our movement South.  We left Virginia a day early due to unacceptable accomodations.  Later that day, we settled in a little paradise that made us all not want to leave.

The kids had their first fun of our exodus.  Granted moving out of your home and staying goodbye to all of your friends is not a particularly happy time.  Riding in a car through, over, and around gigantic mountains doesn't work well with little car sick bellies either.

Then the oasis opened up in Charleston, WV.  We got to listen to the conclusion of the Brazil v. Chile game right as we arrived.  Most of our trip had been interrupted by mountain obstruction of ESPN Radio coverage.  Then things were looking up!  The hotel staff was really sweet to us and gave us free treats as we waited for our room to be complete.  When we arrived in our room, we realized that it had a full kitchen and two separate rooms!  Can we say happy parents?!!

So we took the kids to visit the pool and my husband and I later embarked on what proved to be two days of true R&R.  We slept more in the last two days than we slept in the entire week before arrival.  We watched soccer games in their entirety.  Laughter and cocktails ensued and Charleston quickly became a city in which we truly enjoyed our short stay.

This is not a Stepford area; let's be clear.  Our hotel sits adjacent to a Dow Chemical plant and the other side has a consistent railway transporting who knows what from here to there.  That being said I took our sweet and very confused dog for a walk through the neighborhood and was pleasantly surprised by the locals.  Though their homes were run down and poverty assumptions could have been drawn, they were polite and friendly.  I set out on guard and came back smiling and so did the pooch. 

We met some other travellers who were also PCS'ing (look it up if you don't know what it means:) and it was nice to share road stories.  If you weren't aware, there are many of your protectors out there on the road with their families changing stations.  They may not like where they're headed, but they do it anyway.  Some took oaths 17 years ago and have protected the freedom that you enjoy.  Please remember that they're out there.  They are working for your safety and the progress of our nation as you enjoy your July 4th barbecue. 

The road calls us on and as we set out for Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky.  This is the part of our journey which I have most anticipated.  As a collector of National Parks, I will admit this one was unexpected because I didn't know it existed.  It looks spectacular though and I cannot wait to share our adventure there with you.  Happy Independence Day!


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