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Thursday, March 6, 2014

To Belittle is To Be Little

Being new can sometimes be tough.  We are all aware of others judging us.  Seldomly are these judges open and honest with their observations.  People who were brought up correctly confront differences directly and tactfully.  The blog haters at the despicable site GOMI (Get Off My Internets) A) were brought up by wolves or B) are the saddest bunch of cowards I've ever had the displeasure of reading.

Again I'm the FNG (F'in New Guy) here in the blogosphere.  My rookie tendencies are blatantly evident in my site design.  My domain name's been purchased, but like a deer in headlights I'm unsure what move to make with it.  There are no giveaways on my page.  I just like to write.  My bet is that many of the bloggers that you are so vicious with on GOMI started the same way.

When GOMI pointed its gnarled, witchy fingers at, the lion within awoke.  Knowing this young woman personally certainly has something to do with the anger.  Then, I investigated a bit more to see what other "nastygrams" were floating around out there.  Participants at GOMI should be ashamed of themselves.  I teach my children that the meaning of integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is looking.  Guess what GOMI, you all have failed the integrity test.  Making yourself invisible, does not excuse you from this elementary school lesson.

My fear with any anonymous criticism space is that young people are reading these "snarky" posts and wanting to recreate them.  The foul language and distasteful remarks on these types of sites are aimed afterall at other human beings.  With the continuing problem of bullying in this country, how can these people sleep at night?  They use words like "bitch", "snot", and "full of herself" like a class of 6th graders.  Grow up people because your daughters are watching!  Why on earth would you want to perpetuate this kind of behavior?

There are a ton of blogs that I'm not interested in out there.  There are people that need to check with a thesaurus every once in awhile to spice up their posts' language and with a pocket guide for grammar.  There are so many fashion things I could care less about.  This does not give me the right to tear them apart with vicious rhetoric.  What's wrong with leaving it alone if you don't care for it?  Or how about having the balls to comment as yourself?  Come at me directly with yours because I'd relish the keyboard to keyboard combat.  It's doubtful that you ever would though because as I said before you are cowards. 

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